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GM Meetings - Front Office Diversity

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Why Unpaid Internships Create Inequity




We could do this with Congressional internships or Supreme Court clerk positions as well.

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On 11/16/2021 at 5:39 AM, Texsox said:

I like Kenny a little more after his statement. I like being a Sox fan a little more when I realize the number of barriers the organization has broken. 

I'm surprised Kenny tolerated Reinsdorf for as long as he did.

The TLR matter I guess was the last of the final straws.

I sure hope I get an opportunity to see my favorite sports team operated by a world class set of affluent sportsmen.

Lord knows that era in CWS history has yet to come.

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I didn't read that at all in the article. He's been doing this for along time and decided this is his last contract. If anything he might feel an extra allegiance to Reinsdorf for actually hiring him. Reinsdorf is actually a living example of what Kenny is asking for, owners willing to give minority candidates a chance. 

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