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he gone.

Smoking brisket and baseballs - Kopech v. the ghost of Adam Eaton and Lance Lynn (Dane Dunning) 6:05pm

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5 hours ago, Kyyle23 said:

Man when are you gonna learn to stop telling everyone what is gonna happen so definitively 

That's just my communication style. I don't mean it that way. 

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13 hours ago, harkness99 said:

you can read into that a little bit... 

Yes you can!

Such as:

His teammates don't care and aren't hustling.

He is doing his best but he can't motivate or get others to do the same.

His manager has created a toxic and negative team culture, which is why many of the players do not hustle, try harder or care.

Pretty much in a polite and round about way, Jose just threw several players and his manager under the bus!

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