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Contreras or Bust

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Contreras doesn't look a day over 53.


But the stuff WoW, he's got great stuff. Stuff is what bad pitchers have. If he was a good pitcher the stuff wouldn't matter and everyone would say he's a good pitcher. Todd Ritchie had great stuff, Kris Benson apparently has great stuff.  :puke


HOLY s***!!!!!!!!!! Contreras just made me VOMIT!!!!! :puke


Good thing we got him for nothing.


:headbang  GO OLD MAN RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :headbang


Holy s***! You made me vomit!


BTW, don't post here again. That's not going green either.


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I predict that the Sox will win this game 12-4, with Rowand, Valentin, Konerko, and Crede all hitting home runs.


I shouldn't go out on a limb like this, but why not? :huh:

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