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Encino Man

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"Could you please read this video store receipt for the court?

"Um, Encino Man and Bio Dome"

"And who stars in those movies?"

"Um, Pauly Shore"

"Pauly Shore!"

(Whispers from jury...he's terrible)


-Family guy.

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( for ease of viewing, the green in the following post will be implied. Thank you, and please enjoy..... )


I'm sorry, but Brendan Fraser's greatest work is, was, and will always be the mighty:




In my best Will Farrel imitation of James Lipton:

"If you only see one movie for the rest of your life, do yourself a favor and rent the 1992 cinematic triumph known as "Airheads". An all-star cast - household names, one and all. Fraser.......Sandler.......Buscemi.......McKean........Arquette......the list is LITERALLY endless.

WONDERFULLY acted, BRILLIANTLY written, a time capsule on celluloid depicting a time when young metal bands struggled for their voice to be heard, and how desperation can set in and cause ANY OF US to do regrettable things.....all in the name of CHASING A DREAM, and how can THAT be wrong?????"

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