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Official High School Football Thread!!!

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QUOTE (SleepyWhiteSox @ Mar 20, 2016 -> 05:37 PM)
You're the only person I heard that thought benet was favored. Kinda silly to call coach oliver the worst in the state after he just won a state championship. I've thought he wasn't great after his misuse of Wayne Blackshear as primarily a post player before he transferred, but I've seen him enough to know he does a good job with his kids and has brought in some talent to curie. Congrats to Curie...and yeah, just like NCAA, down year for basketball talent.


I called him the worst before he won a state title. He's a clown and hurts his teams more than he helps. Gets on the bad sides of refs all the time. Congrats on a state title. Gage and Joiner were a great back court, but he couldn't win one playoff game with Cliff Alexander. Don't care if other guys were suspended.

Benet was 31-3 going into the game and pretty much dominated the first half. So me saying they were favored isn't that far off. They just went cold in 2nd half and Gage took over. He's going to be great at DePaul.

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After Curie walked off of my high schools home floor and quit a game, I never thought they would be mentally tough enough to win a state title.

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