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A White Sox Fan

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I don't start many topics here at Soxtalk but I am up late tonight thinking about how excited I am for the coming season. I love the critical analysis here at Soxtalk. Part of what makes being a White Sox fan so damn cool is how we fight with ourselves so passionately regarding the team and its future, its general manager, and its coach. I truly believe that it is a special thing to be a White Sox fan.


For so many reasons, I truly believe our White Sox are the greatest organization in all of sports: (1) Barack Obama; (2) Kenny Williams; (3) Ozzie Guillen; and (4) Jerry Reinsdorf being at the top of the list.


But, read this article by Jerry Crasnick at ESPN and smile...




We have the making of a ridiculously good team coming together. The competition between young and old. The naive of young players like Quentin, Ramirez, Danks, and Gavin combined with veterans like Thome, Konerko, Dye, Pyerzinski, Buerhle, and Jenks. Throw in the competition at 2B, 3B, and CF and this team is literally exactly where I'd want my favorite team to be.


To make it even better, the young talent in this organization is phenomenal with Gordon Beckham and Dayan Vinciedo soon to claim their spots as perennial all stars.


I am so proud of this organization. Ten years ago we literally had no personality, hardly even a proud history, Now, with some of our favorite former players leading and coaching the team we have personality, we have history, we are cool like no other sports franchise in the world. And, the President of the World is one of our biggest fans.


Seriously. Can it get any better? Bring on the 2009 baseball season. I am ready. I love this game!


I love the Chicago White Sox!!! :

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I think you missed it by 1/2 half day (sorry to rain on your enthusiasm)...someone already started another thread on the Crasnick article.


It's a very good one, perhaps the best of those written by national publications in many months about the White Sox, that seems to catch/convey the feeling both within the clubhouse and the historical significance of this group of players (Konerko, Buehrle, AJ, Thome, Crede, Dye, etc.)


I would say I was more excited in 2000 (because our minor league system looked set to provide the Atlanta Braves-esque dynasty of waves and waves of pitching) and in 2005-2006...and that enthusiam was missing as we collapsed in late 06 and the for all of 2007.


I'm cautiously optimistic, but much more positive about 2010 and 2011. Then again, we've been disappointed with Sox minor league prospects before. I think you really have to go back to Ventura, Thomas and Alex Fernandez since we drafted players like Beckham that you felt very sure they were going to have a long-term impact on the big league club, and quickly.


There's a bit more of a cloud around Viciedo, simply because we won't have him for six seasons, we'll probably only play him for 3 years, and we're not even sure if he can play 3B or not from a defensive standpoint. But it has been ages since Ventura/Thomas came up together (almost 20 years) along with Sosa (who I was really excited about too)...hopefully these guys (Beckham, Fields, Flowers, Viciedo, Brandon Allen, Jordan Danks, Shelby, Lillibridge).


I feel fine about 2B and 3B now, but CF remains the biggest concern going forward.



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