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2012 MLB draft talk

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QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 7, 2012 -> 09:52 AM)
Fun video clip from the Hawkins pick, including a split screen of Kenny freaking out when he does the backflip, and then getting on the phone and telling Hawkins no more backflips.



Kenny was about to stroke out. :lolhitting


Excellent link thank you.

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Keith Law chimed in about Keon Barnum today. Said he saw him play this spring and thought he would go to college because he clearly wasn't good enough to be drafted in the first couple rounds. Said he was shocked to hear his name called.


That said, I read he had good workouts for the Sox and the Dodgers. I guess we'll find out over the next few years.

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QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Jun 7, 2012 -> 08:21 AM)
We drafted a Stevenson kid?!?!? New favorite person ever.


Seriously though, I'll do some digging and see if I can find out a little more about him.

Supposedly he throws around 80 and I'm not even sure he has a college commit (to play). His dad works for the Sox so I don't think he's an actual prospect. Although I did see them play this year so that's cool.


QUOTE (Big Daddy Kool @ Jun 7, 2012 -> 08:45 AM)
Why do you assume it's a token pick ? What's the scouting report?

The Sox take someone from their Academy every year in the last few rounds. It's one of the better kids within the Academy and I think they've always had a college commit, but I don't recall them signing any of these picks.

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Baseball Instinct, LLC · 18 like this

2 minutes ago ·


Astros sign #1 pick Carlos Correa. Deal rumored to be around $5mm which is about $2.2mm under the slot. That will give them enough to sign either McCullers or Virant. Impressive haul if they land either.


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Commentary from John Sickels.


Chicago White Sox: Power is the emphasis with the first two picks: Courtney Hawkins (OF, Texas HS) and Keon Barnum (1B, Florida HS) were two of the most potent, if raw, hitters in the prep ranks. It will take some time for them to develop but they make the basis of a strong potential power core. Second round pick Chris Beck (RHP, Georgia Southern) was a first-round candidate until a drop of velocity this spring, and makes a nice value package there due to his command. Third round pick Joey DeMichele (2B, Arizona State) is a refined hitter who plays above his tools. The Sox mixed college and high school picks the rest of the way. Sleeper to watch: Derek Thompson, LHP, Logan Illinois Junior College.

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