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White Sox by generation

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I'm missing a Facebook dropback photo...the one behind the profile photo.


Could someone, by chance, do me an awesome and create a panoramic photo of the greatest Sox hitters of each generation, in their orginal Unis? Sort of a lot to ask, but it will get mad props here, on Facebook (when several others steal/use it) and elsewhere on the interwebs when it's inevitably posted on Flapship.


If you get bored afterwards, you can do the same thing with pitchers too. Just don't use Jamie Navarro. Or James Baldwin.


Oh, also when everyone else wants you to do it too. Anyone other than the Sox costs $5,000, amirite?

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As an added bonus, I will or will not sing "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias with your name involved and post it on YouTube. If you choose not by Enrique, than I will be forced to do Mariah Carey's, so choose wisely.

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