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9/17 at KC Royals

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QUOTE (greg775 @ Sep 17, 2014 -> 11:28 PM)
As far as Green Sox saying Alexei should have been traded in July ... that would not have been such a good move.

I mean some of us don't want the Sox to suck eggs again next season. Losing Lexi would truly affect the team performance more than one or two games no matter what WAR says. I mean you lose a damn fine shortstop, hitting and defense wise, and replace him with uh, nothing?, and it'll assure the Sox of the No. 1 draft pick next year.



I'm kinda willing to ride Alexei into late July at this point next season and see what happens. He's proven that he's durable and keeps himself in tip top shape. His range will continue to decline but his arm should make him at least average with the glove for at least another couple years.


In today's s*** run environment a shortstop that hits 280/315/405 is a 3 to 4 WAR player so there is no rush to move him. Even in his decline he should be above average until at least '16.


If the Sox are way out of it next July yea, move him. But that's not a move that's going to help short term (through 16) at all unless the Sox are absoutely bowled over on an offer, and that's not likely to happen.

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