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Problem was they had to lighten the language to make all of the countries pass this resolution. I guess 30,000 dead so far, along with 1.5 million refugees isn't reason enough to get tough. God the UN has so outlived its usefulness.
30 days or what? The UN will impose sanctions?

:fyou UN
The violence in the Sudan has been going on for years under the radar of most everybody. It's been a bloodbath for years (well since the coup in 1989) there and has stayed out of sight and out of mind. Good to see that something is starting to get done. Don't get me wrong, more can and should be done but at least it's a start getting it to peoples' attention.
And no countries want to send any peacekeepers at the moment over there either, the situation is quite out of control in Sudan at the moment.
Alpha Dog
Just wait. There will soon be people criticizing the US for NOT doing something there.
QUOTE(EvilMonkey @ Aug 1 2004, 12:16 PM)
Just wait.  There will soon be people criticizing the US for NOT doing something there.

The sad thing is, this phase has been going on for 17 months and most people still don't know WTF is going on there.
I guess 30 days isn't enough to stop raping and murdering people, Sudan said it will take 90 days.
Kid Gleason
Everybody can just sit back and relax!!! Everything is going to be fine! France is on their way in there to get things taken care of and put back on track!

I'm going to hell for this but . . . the odds of us getting involved always seem to be determined by the color of the opposition skin. Notice we haven't attacked any white people since Germany.

I am certain Bush is also weighing the political liabilities of body bags coming home from the Sudan and not liking the idea. Sadly, life and death in Sudan is being decided by how voters in swing states would react. Don't think for a moment that Bush, or any US President in the past 100 years, is going to enter us into what would be an unpopular military action so close to an election unless the US population demands it.
QUOTE(sideshowapu @ Aug 2 2004, 12:23 PM)

Perfect. Now that gives the janjaweed an excuse to go in and kill and rape everybody.
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