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  2. Sox just signed Victor Reyes!!!!! LOL https://twitter.com/SoxOn35th/status/1601233759021715456?s=20&t=VC-9jwy6AUVm8k2UQo_Buw
  3. welllll..........Sox just signed Victor Reyes.
  4. Vaughn's first base defense is fine.
  5. I’m with you…I’m still unclear what makes him such a bad teammate.
  6. I mean, if we’re actually trying to win, why not make some sort of bold trade? I 100% believe this team will be massively better next year with a new manager and hopefully better health, but it’s still the same roster that hasn’t made it past the first round of the playoffs and just lost its best hitter. This plan just reeks of the typical half-assed approach we’ve come to known from this franchise.
  7. I only want to mention that there was such disbelief Clevinger's behavior in 2020 was a big deal but we are talking about rumors the sox want to trade tim cause he let the team down getting a like 2 game suspension for arguing with an ump. And it's believable! I am not a high level athlete (but I did do well in basketball last night) but seems reasonable these players who only have a short time in this league care a lot about making the playoffs and get annoyed when team leaders esp may not be pulling in the same direction.
  8. Attendance doesn't matter, in fact, the more of you who think you'll show them by not going to the games and spending money are only fueling ownership to not put a competitive product on the field and just stack the cash since no one is going.
  9. I mean this is probably right but enough people have been 'promoted to avoid firing' in this org I'm not even sure
  10. This was an old tweet, but it's so hilarious to me. As someone who has made a career in analytics, has a degree in the world of analytics, and loves baseball statistics and data.... how broken does your brain have to be to claim a RP who had an ERA over 6 actually had a good year because of metrics that don't actually impact the small sample scoreboard for a reliever. No reliever with a 6 ERA has ever had a good year.
  11. Just hope one of the youngest players on the team can make it more than 120 games without getting sore legs.
  12. Yeah he's very good and if we could get him for a deal surrounding Montgomery it would be worth it. But I still maintain it's really annoying to get value on a Varsho when so much what you are paying for is reasonable control and not straight up talent. Much easier to grade that on a 1 year basis. He is extremely good, but the control makes you value him so much higher in a trade. That said, you are absolutely right that if the sox want to change the feel around their team, suddenly having an OF of Varsho/Robert/Colas with a Cespedes as a 4th OF eventually is a dynamite defensive group.
  13. No, not convincing Jerry to spend more. Understanding the market and having a plan. If ownership expects a payroll limit, he has to come up with plans that work under that limit. He has to be aware last offseason and especially at the trade deadline that financial restrictions are likely, be he clears out zero money and instead adds an unnecessarily expensive lefty who stinks? If he has only $10 million to spend, why is he signing Clevinger? If he thinks he can compete with that budget, why isn’t he selling Montgomery to make it happen? If he thinks he can’t compete on that budget then why isnt he taking more clear steps to reset things for the long term? Because he believes this is a good strategy too. They always say it’s a partnership, they regularly consult on these things, but posts like yours try to present him as an innocent bystander who could do nothing with these payroll restrictions, which just isn’t true. Rick Hahn isn’t sitting there wishing he could sign a $300 million deal while being blocked by JR, he doesn’t believe in those deals either.
  14. Glad we got rid of Abreu and used all that money we "saved" to get..... no one. But hey we get to watch Vaughn and his defense at 1B next year. That's what counts.
  15. Hahaha once again the Sox are a day late and a dollar short….
  16. Eeesh come on guy. I want to believe you have a source, but then you get fooled by Ben Dover twitter account.
  17. Come on man. This is just not how it works. Convince Jerry to spend more? No shot. I respect the idealism but this is just not a real world thing. Do you think Ivy League GM's are clamoring for these 11 year signings for aging superstars? Hell no. These are rogue owners deciding that they want to spend money and win. Until Jerry decides to do the same (he won't), this is how it will be. Last offseason was botched for sure. The reliever contracts and Leury deal were bad and it might be hamstringing then now. That's on Rick Hahn but he's a middle manager at this point.
  18. I find no confirmation anywhere on Twitter this morning so I’m calling BS.
  19. No way. They knew from Day 1 they weren't going to pay the prices for free agents.
  20. What are you expecting? They don't have any money to spend. I think it'll be a Gallo type free agent in LF and Colas in RF. Maybe they add a 2B for cheap. The pitching staff is basically set. What is the alternative here? They should spend money but the owner won't. Because of that, you can improve your weaknesses slightly and take a stab at the division or you can change up the mix by moving guys like TA, Giolito and Hendriks. Doesn't seem like they want to do the latter. I think they'll bank on health, lineup flexibility and guys bouncing back and if that doesn't happen they'll have quite a bit to trade at the trade deadline.
  21. Making sure ownership and front office are in the same page should be part of his job. If he’s ordered by the owner to do something impossible, like fill in gaps on the trade market without giving up a lot of value, it is his job to tell ownership that it’s impossible and make them understand that. “Teams will not part with players under their control unless we pay a ton” is the reality if the world where players cost this much in free agency and 40% of the league makes The playoffs. If ownership insists it will happen, it is his job to present realistic alternatives.
  22. I think they do something at catcher. There's too much smoke there. I don't think it's gonna be as big as Murphy or Salvy but I think they're gonna do something.
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