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  2. Bummer had been surrendering over a .330 BA against LHBers before that sequence...crazy.
  3. Yoshida .313/.875 Suzuki .288/.861 Benintendi .268/.681
  4. That's huge for the division race. Skubal back soon apparently.
  5. 6 games back again... Sigh. Just please allow the White Sox to have a defined position one way or the other going into early June. Can't afford to get nothing for Giolito, Grandal, Clevinger, Lynn, Lopez, Middleton, Bummer, Kelly, etc.
  6. Eduardo Rodriguez on the IL for Detroit, will not face him this weekend.
  7. Romy up to a 705 OPS Anderson 596 Burger 885 Robert 842 Jimenez 794 Moncada 739 Vaughn 755 Benintendi 681 Zavala 429 (LOL)
  8. Was it a slump for Burger? The home/away splits are night and day.
  9. Shohei was like 4-27 in his last 7 coming in to today. It happens to literally the best.
  10. Finally able to sit down and watch the rest of the game. Didn't see any posts about this. Do we need a Hample curse to turn the season around??????
  11. I've sort of set a benchmark in my mind that we had to be 5 GB by the end of May, 4 GB by the end of June and 3 GB by the end of July for me to have some belief. Still within reach I guess.
  12. Liam returns to the active roster and Reylo returns to form. Coincidence? People are asking.
  13. Late to the thread, as always here lately, but nice to see Luis break out of the rough patch he was in, with a 3 hit (so far) day!
  14. I mean coming into this year we knew he had exit velocity, its kinda fun to see him do something with some playing time
  15. Romy now outslugging everyone but Robert and Burger
  16. Maybe they will release Alberto. Pretty much have to keep Andrus to play SS if you trade Tim Anderson. No point to not let Gonzalez play everyday until he at least starts to cool down. He might outhomer Anderson/Benintendi/Abreu on the season at this rate.
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