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    The Brewers didn't score first. And if your plan as a manager is for your pitcher to come in out of the bullpen and hit a home run, I submit that you have a poor plan.
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    Sonny Gray was never that great to begin with. He was very good his first 2 years . He never improved, but he had the rep as if he had and was an ace. He never was. And while Yankee Stadium may be a bandbox, Oakland Almeda assuredly isn't. Plus he's a rent.
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    Please don't put jimmy butler's name in the same sentence as Jordan. This has gotten beyond stupid.
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    On the fence about what to do with Abreu. If that 16mil can he spent on Machado, I think you nontender him. Him and Avi alone leave 24mil to spend on Machado.
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    The graph stuff reminds me of this scene.
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