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    Relax people. Sox are very likely gonna get this done.
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    Hello everyone. Just want to clear a few things up - someone DM'd me this thread today looking for info/clarification on what I know/don't know. -I know the sox are in a very good spot. This bucket (?) guy probably knows more than me. I don't care that he does, in fact I hope he does. Some people are acting like he's talking shit to me, he's not. We're all sox fans here. We all want what's best for the org -I have zero clue what the financials of the offer are. I do know it's 7 years. I assume they have room to budge if they need to. Right now, as far as I'm aware, they don't need to. I would assume it's for an AAV record of about $35MM, so I was just putting two and two together. I could be incorrect there. I wanted to clear that up because people are speaking as if I was stating it as fact. - I know there are a lot of people that don't like me in here. To each there own. I know my humor and style isn't for everyone. I am who I am. - I typically avoid message boards, facebook forums, etc. They can be good communities but they also lead to fans wanting to jump down each others throat. The few times I've meandered to these forums I saw that, so I haven't been here hardly ever since I knew they existed - if anyone has any questions let me know, because I'm not gonna make it a regular thing posting here. I don't want other people's brains seeping into my brain now that I have to cover the sox for my job PS - I'm blogging this as we speak
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    I know more about it than Dave does
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    Well there it is guys. Hard not to see how Manny doesn't end up in NY after this extremely insightful information is now public.
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    Thank you for blessing us with your presence.
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    I'll simplify for those catching up on this thread. The Sox signed Jay to a ONE YEAR, $4mm deal. He doesn't strikeout and has OBP better than 90% of the team. He can spell each of the guys in the OF as well as be a late inning replacement for Palka in almost every game. There are two sides of the argument here from what I can tell. Those who are always angry. Those who aren't. Also apparently now we have economic majors on the board who are arguing about JR's pocketbook and how this $4mm affects his ability to spend $4mm in 2025. Carry on.
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    He came in a few weeks ago with some info he gleaned from a White Sox FB messageboard about Harper's friends or something. The funny thing is that the info he had was probably right but he types like my dad so everyone makes fun of him. Also he has a disease where he can't stop posting. At first I thought he was kind of funny in a car crash sort of way but now it's grating.
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    I said this in a different thread last night, but if this were the Phillies or Yankees doing this, we'd have multiple posts wondering why Rick Hahn is asleep at the wheel and how little money and obligation that $13 million and one year of commitment is for each of these players.
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    The only embarrassing thing would be if they don't blow away every other offer for him. That's the only thing that matters ultimately, not all these guys on 1 year deals making pennies.
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    I've been at work all day, so props to those who have already said something, but for all of you above.....
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    With the Jay news, the OF of miscast characters becomes a bit more crowded. It's been asked a few times who on the 40 man has options and who doesn't, so I will summarize. Out of Options; potentially at risk of not making opening day roster Yolmer Sanchez (not really at risk) Jose Rondon Leury Garcia Manny Banuelos Juan Minaya Group with Options Remaining; potentially at risk (admittedly varying degrees) of not making opening day roster Daniel Palka (1) Adam Engel (2) Charlie Tilson (1) Nicky Delmonico (3!) Ryan Cordell (1) Caleb Frare (3) Ian Hamilton (3) Dylan Covey (2) Carson Fulmer (1) Thyago Vieria (1) Aaron Bummer (2) Jose Ruiz (2) Ryan Burr (3) James McCann (3) Information complied from https://www.rosterresource.com/mlb-chicago-white-sox/ which I would definitely recommend pinning. It has a ton of great info.
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    Couldn't you have said that before I ordered 500 bootleg Machado jerseys on aliexpress?
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    I know nothing (my name is Dave).
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    There’s an idea. Instead of posting on here every day you can bombard him with your insightful takes. Especially on the weekends.
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    Nobody cares what Chris Russo thinks and to be honest it doesn't matter. He is just another New York based talking head that opens mouth and says stuff. We don't need to be updated on his thoughts
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    Yup. I'm way more embarrassed by the last 10 seasons of White Sox baseball.
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    To put it in perspective we signed Mat Latos to a 1 year, $3mm deal and let him go in May. Nobody cared. We also signed James McCann to a $2.5mm deal to play like 34 games at catcher.
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    So is anyone with me that this is a good signing in a vacuum outside of any Machado implications? It addresses multiple needs at a very cheap price. Good deal. Yonder Alonso, this isnt.
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    People hate on him for being a singles hitter. I would be completely ok with him hitting singles and being on base in front of Machado and Abreu.
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    This is my favorite subplot, the possibility the Sox are doing this without discussing with Manny at all.
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    Because nobody cares what a bunch of east coast blowhards think
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    I just hope a lot of this board does not run their own family run business. The economics and financials background in me is going crazy wanting to respond to too many posts.
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    The other thing is that Jay will lead off and push Moncada into a run producing role which is good for his development. Moncada isn't a leadoff guy.
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