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    As a fan there really isn’t anything you can do. As it is, the White Sox fan base has sent a message loud and clear. Declining attendance every season since 2007 except one year when it was up slightly when they slashed ticket prices. Lowest TV ratings in the league. Radio station gets rid of them in bankruptcy because hardly anyone listens. All these things, plus 6 losing years in a row. No playoffs in over a decade. These clowns still think the White Sox are a destination. How the fuck are they going to get a player to take $50 million less in guaranteed money to come to their park when they cannot even get a fan to come to a game? KW took over in 2001. The Sox had one of the youngest teams in baseball. Won the division. Farm system ranked first...ESPN even knew they existed. Peter Gammons said not onky would they own Chicago, they would own MLB. One season they did. Other than hat mostly mediocrity. The one constant has been the decision makers. Anyone who thought they would actually pay Harper after they didn’t pay Machado wasn’t paying attention. Anyone who thinks these guys can oversee a team that wins consistently for years, didn’t pay attention. The team needs to change. Hahn has admitted that. But what he hasn’t admitted is th biggest change needed, is not trading with the Cubs, or going over your international money pool. It is getting new people to make decisions. These dopes have had more than thei share of chances.Sell the team JR. Spare yourself the embarrassment 4 years from now when the Sox sneaks to the second wild card spot and you have to tell everyone they were wrong the Sox needed to sign a superstar in his prime. The new owner will know what to do with your partners in crime.
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    I have been banging the Harper instead of Machado drum all off-season. I genuinely think the White Sox agree with me wholeheartedly that it is worth letting Machado go to San Diego if it means they stay in the Harper derby. Some maybe think that's gullible and stupidly optimistic, but I look at everything they've done (actually done) and the Machado negotiations seemed like half-ass media games and overblown deals to guys like Jon Jay in an effort to lure Machado in on a cheap deal then turning around and trying to grab Harper. I dont think Machado was ever their primary target. Nothing has happened in the last week to change my mind. The Sox are all over Harper and just because the blue checkmarks aren't reporting it doesn't mean it isn't so.
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    There is zero chance the Sox sign Harper, yet I keep checking this thread.. something is wrong with me
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    The Sox have spent $45 million this offseason on mostly mediocre acquisitions. A lowball offer of $250 million that isn’t accepted isn’t the same as spending $250 million. Sullivan is a hobbit troll who should stay in his cave.
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    This article is insulting to his readers. Shove it up your ass, Paul. Yes Paul, the fans are greedy and the owners are just scraping by. Sullivan has proven he's just as far removed from reality as JR and company.
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    This offseason has just been one continuous FU to the remaining fan base.
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    so Jerry's alias is Paul Sullivan? It's truly unbelievable someone could write this article and include the White Sox.
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    Not luck that the team was awesome and won a championship. They were awesome... luck that the front office hit lighting in a bottle and put a winning team together. They were projected 4th in the division
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    If the Padres sign both guys, it will make Hahn, KW, & Jerry look like the biggest jokes ever. Machado was already bad enough, but getting Harper would have to be those guys’ personal nightmare. How can you even pretend your were serious when baby San Diego came in stole both of these guys from under you? Hopefully our front office & Jerry wake the fuck up and do what’s right for the franchise.
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    Regarding this notion that we shouldn't be following this Harper free agency, because we are only setting ourselves up for another huge disappointment, I have a completely different perspective. My interest in these details is not merely to know whether, or not, the Sox acquire at least one super star, out of this crazy off season. I really want to know what kind of an organization it is, to which I have given my allegiance, as a fan. Is the owner really not interested in winning, but only in making money? Is Hahn really disingenuous and, or incompetent? The answer to those questions can only be discerned with some knowledge of how these negotiations are being conducted. So, here I am, still following "Harper's Folly". Don't waste your breath, cautioning me not to set myself up, to have my heart broken. At this point, I don't care as much about acquiring Harper, as I do about acquiring some understanding of what the Hell is going on, here!
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    What’s next, bringing Chris Rongey back to condescendingly tolerate and then summarily dismiss meathead pre and post-game callers? Even Tony Robbins would lose patience with how brutal it will be this year.
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    We’re still bottom five after spending $45 million extra on all the crap stopgap veterans we brought in? Now that’s funny...”well, nobody can call them cheap if they spend, albeit foolishly.” That’s not working out so well. If anything, the perception they spent almost twenty years attempting to counter is the first word that comes to mind, unless one prefers delusional.
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    Not sure how it makes sense to compare the Cubs and White Sox spending on payroll
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    2005 was luck in that almost all of Kenny’s dumpster diving moves hit and were successful.
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    That's because they make money whether we show up or not. This is why I think we as fans need to embarrass them at games, at conventions, on Twitter, in the news, etc. It is working big time right now. Chuck Garfein who is a Sox mouthpiece wrote about how angry we are and tried to calm us down. Laurence Holmes told Hahn Sox fans are pissed and how many have voiced their anger on radio and Twitter. National outlets are writing stories. The Padres front office threw shade at our FO. We just have to keep it up until they put a winner on the field.
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    If you're going to bring the cubs into this then you win the internet for the day. I'm not about to sit here, on SoxTalk, discussing the cubs. Tell ya what. Go protest outside the park and give the owners hell blasting Twisted Sister and see how much of a shit they give.
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    What I don’t think Jerry understands is that Harper would only improve the organization’s worth, put butts in the seat, make it more marketable, and show fans he’s serious about this. If they truly are out on Bryce which I believe they are then it goes to show everyone they clearly do not value us as fans and only in for the money. The way the negotiations went with Manny was a shit show, to think your future, having his brother in law and good friend here was more valuable than money guaranteed money to the player goes to show you they don’t understand this market.
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    If not for the lucky season of 05, it would be at least 10 times worse than it feels.
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    The Sox just can't offer a guaranteed rate.
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    Finding a place for Harper is not going to be an issue. Jerry is the issue.
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