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    Welcome to the White Sox, Mr. Strasburg. You will enjoy pitching with Mr. Giolito and Mr. Cole.
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    One mans opinion. He was as good an announcer as he was a GM.
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    He is going to eventually get it. Hopefully it will be while he can enjoy it with family, friends and fans. So since he is now 78, dont be petty and make him wait.
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    Exactly. What do the Cubs want? Good (maybe not even great, just solid) players that can help them now, with a little bit of control/cost limit. What do the White Sox have precious few of? Guys that can help a big league roster right now, under control, aside from their elite guys. Happ falls right in the Hahn development failure Gap.
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    I like the dude; I dont think he’d come cheap
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    Great. What do we have to give up to get this player? Seriously suggest something as I have no idea how to make this match. Bummer + Colome + Dunning/Adolfo?
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    I fully expect a payroll in the $130M to $140M range if they’re able to land their primary targets. With that assumption, my realistic offseason would be adding Grandal, Wheeler, a quality reliever, a swing-man, and then trading for a RF. If money permits, I’d love to add a bench piece, but I’d prioritize the other needs. I’d play Grandal 100 games at catcher and another 60 at 1B/DH. McCann would get the other 60 starts at catcher, primarily playing against LHP (which he dominates) and when Giolito starts. Collins would primarily be a 1B/DH and get 100 or so starts, mostly against RHP (which I believe he can hit at the major league level). I think it’s important to see what we have in Zack as his combo of plate discipline & raw power is very intriguing to me and he flashed enough down the stretch IMO to warrant an extended look. Encarnacion would be an interesting, fairly affordable alternative at DH, but I’d prefer to use my money elsewhere given the above scenario (such as a Kendrick or Gennett for the bench). I really don’t like the RF options in free agency and think we’ll have to go down the trade route. I’ve made my case for Nimmo many times, but am open to a wide variety of options as long as the price is right.
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    I like Abreu, but I don't think being concerned about his defense is attacking him. I also want him to remain on the team. But I think many under-estimate the value of a good defensive first baseman. In the case of the White Sox, it is even more important with a developing pitching staff. If the team wants to contend, the defense must improve.
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    There’s no way anybody can convince me Moose is a good second baseman. He’s huge. I haven’t seen him play 2B, so I don’t have any data I’ll admit, but cmon. This dude is not a middle infielder. I find the idea of his defense there being even passable as quite the leap. We don’t need a low OBP third baseman- we have a budding superstar there. DH and rotational fill-in? I dunno, maybe? Can’t we do better?
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    Sign players as 1 year placeholders if need be. Trading for them is 2014-16 all over again: sheer madness.
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    Completely agree. You could have signed a team of 100k guys for what we gave up in the Jones and Castillo deals. I can understand if they feel spreading the money around on multiple players vs one high dollar player is their philosophy but a philosophy of none is not good. This is compounded if you sign free agents who require giving up draft picks. Maybe one 1.25 million dollar bonus guy would help offset losing a second or third round draft pick but having neither will show up in a farm system in a couple years.
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    Which will only matter if all the bad vibes from last offseason, the Samson debate on second place finishes and the taste of dumping IFA pool money (twice) because we couldn’t find anyone to spend it on is replaced by high/er quality FA signings that affect the next 3-5 years for the franchise. And bringing back Abreu into the fold can hardly be considered be considered one of these key/impactful moves to any but the most casual of Sox fans.
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    What am I missing here? The post attacked Abreu's total lack of fielding ability and that he should be the DH only. His offensive numbers were not attacked so they don't need to be defended.
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    100%, the Warthogs name was infinitely better than the Dash.
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