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    Don’t care. This guy is incredibly overhyped by this fanbase. If he was such a great hitter, more teams would have been in on him.
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    Why, it doesn't matter. Joc sucks too
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    Signed for same as Eaton. Hahn messed up badly.
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    The division has a ton of lefties. Sox mash lefties. Eaton hits lefties decent. Joc is the worst player in baseball against lefties. I like Joc as a platoon, but people are making this sound like sox missed out on Springer. It's almost comical at this point.
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    Yeah adam eaton was awesome last year. People should watch baseball.
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    The Sox did not need Joc vs. lefties. Joc is vastly superior to Eaton vs. righties, of which there are a ton more of in the division. His platoon bat (strong side), ability to play all three OF positions and DH against righties is EXACTLY the type of depth move that the Sox needed. Joc fills more needs than Eaton. Nobody thinks he's Springer.
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    Joc was just a better overall fit for this team. I'm not going to be pretend I'm furious about this but it's annoying. The Sox offense while obviously very good last season was middle of the pack in OPS and wRC+ against RHP, Joc just so happens to kill right handed pitching and will probably be a better defensive right fielder than Adam in 2021 as well. The fact that he signed for cheaper is just annoying like I said. Would have been a real nice fit for this team. Oh well I guess.
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    Robbie Grossman signs for less than Eaton and now Joc signs for the exact same amount? Extremely cool and doesn't make me furious at all that the White Sox rushed out to sign an extremely mediocre player at the beginning of the off-season.
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    This is ungood.
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    Full list here 14. Andrew Vaughn 39. Michael Kopech 40. Nick Madrigal 56. Garrett Crochet
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    The Sox need another SP preferably a 2 or 3 and they need another bopper in their lineup not named Andrew Vaughn it’s simple as that. They can’t rely on Cease, Reynaldo, or Kopech early on especially if it’s 100+ games and no expanded playoffs, every game matters. The offense is great against the garbage in the ALC and NLC but what about when they get to the playoffs? If again all it costs is money Ozuna/Cruz/Springer/Bauer should be on this team, it’s completely unacceptable that Adam Eaton was the major upgrade on offense when so many other bats were and are still available. If they don’t come away with Ozuna/Cruz/Bauer or a trade for a bat I once again consider this offseason a failure because as currently constructed they are not the team to beat in the World Series let alone the AL there’s way too much volatility here
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    As far as I know, Katz isn't a surgeon.
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    I don't get it. Sox fans seem to love Joc, but not because they watch him play baseball. He was fucking awful last year, can't play defense and the Dodgers had zero interest in bringing him back. Compare him to Adam Eaton though.
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    should have signed Eaton + Joc, sox need more depth no reason not to get both
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    Cease and Lopez were two of the worst pitchers in baseball last year. Having them both in the rotation to start the year for a contending team is awful. Don’t forget the offenses the Sox will face will be better this year, as the Central offenses were a disgrace.
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    So even when the cubs are trying to shed all the payroll in the world, they end up with a better OF acquisition then us. Cool JR
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    You gotta have dreams. You gotta process those dreams into goals. The goals have to be realistic, believable, desirable, measurable, and public. He's hitting all those points. I'm going to use him in an upcoming lesson on goal setting. Now that he has that long range goal he can break it into steps. Fitness to stay healthy. Consistent improvement. Great off season regiments. I'm certain his mental game coach is proud.
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    Joc Career VS LHP: .191 .266 .310 .576 Eaton Career VS LHP: .272 .344 .351 .695 saying that Joc is only marginally worse than Eaton against LHP is just stupid.
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    Just like Leon Cooperman said yesterday, look at all of those poors using their stimulus checks to mess with all of these innocent rich people. How dare they
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    You’re going to win quite handedly
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    The article said one thing that appealed to Joc was that the Cubs weren't going to platoon him. I don't think the White Sox would go that far, and if they did, that would be stupid.
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    Yeah, but does Joc defend teammates kid's?
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    Why are people mad he wants to have a goal of 3,000 hits? Of course it's not going to happen. But I'm glad he has some confidence and a goal to work towards.
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    He had the second-best OBP on the team in his rookie year. I would say his ceiling is plenty high.
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