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    Fernando Tatis is on a pace to make 243 errors, hit .125 and get thrown out on every stolen base attempt. Let’s give this at least a month. The funny thing is I rushed out to add Yermin last night to my fantasy team because Austin Nola is hurt and I sadly discovered after the fact that he’s not considered a catcher even, but a utility player, despite his roster listing. What he accomplished last night is just as rare as a White Sox World Series title. Despite his minor league OPS number of 856, he would get his own Disney movie, like Jim Morris of the Rays. It took Yermin three years alone to get out of Dominican rookie ball, and he didn’t start playing at 15-16, he was already 18. Then he had three years of Indy ball. I do think Yermin is much more likely to hit than Collins. I believe he can put up around an 800-825 ops, which is far better than guys like Yonder Alonso, Encarnacion and LaRoche. It’s a testament to his self-belief that he persevered all this time despite the doubters littered along the way that questioned his body type and his catching ability. It’s a great story...and exactly what this team needs in light of the Jimenez injury. Let’s just enjoy it while it lasts. And it just shows there’s always a place in baseball for guys with bodies like Tony Gwynn, Pete incaviglia or John Kruk as long as they can hit the ball, one of the hardest acts in sports. To hit a round ball with a cylindrical object. http://www.thebaseballcube.com/players/profile.asp?ID=183483
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    Chisoxfn and familia will be there masker up and rooting the team on!
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    Props to Foster...came in with 2 on, nobody out, heart of the order. He should've given up nothing but even after the error, he K'd the next guy to maintain the lead.
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    What an amazing night for Yermin Mercedes. He eclipsed an Abreu grand slam, and two electric perfect innings from Michael Kopech. 5 for 5 - four singles and a double, 4 RBIs, at least a couple hits with two strikes, off lefties and righties. You have to feel great for the guy, who once toiled in the Pecos League!! So what is Tony LaRussa going to do with him? It's entirely possible Yermin will outhit both Vaughn and Collins, who were penciled in ahead of him at DH. Is it possible he could outhit Yasmani Grandal and take some of Grandal's DH ABs away? Someone posted his AAA numbers against Luis Robert from 2019. Yermin was toe-to-toe with Robert. I mean, it's crazy to think Yermin might jump into the majors and hit like a madman, isn't it? But what if he does? If he does, I think TLR has to play him. Vaughn can still play LF, as he did tonight. But Collins would look more like the primary backup catcher. If he starts hitting, he might also play some against righties. But if Yermin keeps hitting, he has to keep playing, doesn't he? Plus, the energy he brings to the team is electric. The kid's a natural. An instant fan favorite. Reminds me of what "Baby Shark" did for the Nationals in 2019. He loosened up that team and helped them to play their best. The Sox are already plenty loose, but without Eloy, Mercedes brings his own enthusiasm. I just think it's a great story, and it's only just beginning.
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    For a good time...go back to the dropped eaton ball and then immediately read yermins 5th hit takes. I love you all and this board.
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    Mercedes or Madrigal. Who gets to 3000 hits first?
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    Why do people keep bringing up someone playing 3rd base? One of the best players in baseball plays there there for the Sox now.
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    Actually his 2nd, he got one in Detroit in 2018 that the beat writers seem to have overlooked
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    Election integrity is a big issue in this country, especially since we have 50 states + DC, all with their own independent election laws. Both the 2016 and 2020 Elections were publicly questioned, whether it was Democrats claiming Trump worked with Russia in 2016 or in 2020 the claims from Trump's side claiming fraud with mail-in ballots and electronic voting devices. I see this bill as a measure to secure elections in the US. Voter ID laws, despite claims of the left, are not "voter suppression". The MLB is free to do as they choose but this is similar to the NBA overreacting to bathroom laws in NC a few years ago. These leagues typically cave to public pressure, and quite frankly, so do most public figures who get caught in some sort up political windstorm. Delta, for example, requires ID to board a plane but their chairman seems to have an issue with voters being required to provide ID. Go Figure. Unfortunately, this is the way of our country in 2021, but so be it.
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    I don't think history has anything to do with unique individuals or teams. Historically Steph Curry shouldn't hit 43% of his 3pt shots...he will regress to the mean...except he happens to be Steph Curry. Historically the Cubs shouldn't have won the 2016 WS. I think history works if you say, "historically Yolmer Sanchez had 8 years of .720 OPS in the minors so his looking good in spring and going 5-5 on opening day is an illusion." But Yermin has 8 years in the minors with .860 OPS so...maybe we have something here. Still if you had said "historically guys who's first name begins with the letter Y can't hit in the majors"...well that would have made me happy out of the goofiness of it.
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    If he's going to call Kris Bryant "KB" to "fit in" while also making sure to remind the viewer at home that stats like batting average, ERA, pitcher wins, etc. (presumably) are all dumb, then he's missing the boat by a mile, and definitely doesn't know the fan base or any fan base for that matter. On a slightly different note, as a baseball fan, I know I can go read all that shit on fangraphs if I want to. But on a baseball broadcast, I like hearing former players talk about situations and how the game is played. I want a player's view of the game, not a statistician-who-never-played's view of how I should interpret how they think the game is supposed to be played based upon their algorithms or whatever. Also these people like Boog really need to get the picture of a guy sitting at home with a beer in his hand who spent all day working and now is just trying to relax. He probably doesn't want to hear some ugly fat charmless ESPN hatchling spit stats speak all night.
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    It's nice to see him on a different level mentally in his next chance at a big pressure situation. Sure it's the regular season but it's still Trout, Ohtani, Rendon & Pujols he's looking at. Foster on the whole is probably the best RP scouting and player development story the Sox have. But who knows because Heuer, Marshall, and Bummer are all in that pen as well.
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    Agreed. Mercedes, Kopech and Abreu will get the headlines but he was the unsung hero for the team tonight.
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    Robert seems to be figuring out how he's being pitched to, that walk was the highlight of the game for me
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    Every fantasy league is saying WHO THE HELL IS THIS MERCEDES guy who's eligible for catcher? Going to have to claim him with Nola injured...
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    Every fantasy league is saying WHO THE HELL IS THIS MERCEDES guy who's eligible for catcher?
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    A guy with 5 hits and a guy with 5 K’s on same team in same game......holy shit
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    My god we had babe Ruth in AAA for two years
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    Cishek did more for the sox here than he ever did when he was wearing the uniform
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    This is correct. Manfred caved based on Democrat disinformation talking points. There is nothing racist about requiring ID to vote.
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