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    Great article from Fegan on Kopech today. Pulled some info on what he did last year during his opt-out. Definitely believe his worries about building his arm back up if he didnt start pitching on a mound until September.
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    I am in favor of the automated strike zone. Getting the call right is the primary objective.
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    You’re all over the place, man.
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    100% agree. I dont want him starting unless it's a DH or spot starts like today. Let him give you 5IP a week out of the pen til July then put him in the rotation. I wouldnt be surprised with a Dodgers-like 10 day IL stint or two to control his innings tbh
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    Dammit, those big-spending Royals are going to swoop in and snatch another stud from the rest of us, aren’t they?
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    Can we get more excitement in here?? The game has been over for hours after the Sox just completed the sweep, and we have 4 comments. Collins looks like a catcher. "Slow, bad defender" Madrigal legged out a triple, turned a couple double plays, and looked sharp defensively. Abreu continues to drive in runs. Kopech threw a goddamn gem. No one has anything to complain about so everyone went quiet? That's a winning streak, folks! We've broken past that .500 barrier and there's no looking back. Let's go Sox!
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    Also it was August/Sept when Crochet was hitting 102. He had built up arm strength and the weather was hot...much easier to get lose and let it go.
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    Nobody is anointing anyone. The White Sox are as talented as any team that is not the LA Dodgers. The White Sox may end up 80-82 on the season because it is baseball and an injury or two can derail the whole thing. The team as it is built should win more games than it loses.
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    If you follow umps scorecard on Twitter you would see it's been almost every game. I haven't looked too close but it would be interesting to see if they have an overall scorecard of all umps
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    I think he is trying to dial it down a bit so he doesn't overthrow his arm
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    It's funny how you crucify the Sox for these type of losses but excuse them for the opponents. Always.
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    If the Sox didn't already have a guy with great speed who can hit for average and power, Madrigal would be a good guy for the leadoff spot, but that spot belongs to TA as long as he's with the Sox. I wouldn't mind Madrigal batting 2nd vs LHP but Eaton is doing great in that spot vs RHP right now. There's nothing wrong with having a really good hitter batting 9th. Helps get the lineup turned over more often.
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    Agreed. They need to be very smart about limiting his innings during the regular season. You need him available to start in the playoffs, or at minimum a multi inning reliever.
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    People who are saying positive things about Madrigal... how dare you.
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    I'm going to push back on this mostly because I think it actually sells Kopech short. The innings limit is definitely the main issue, but this is also a guy who hasn't thrown in a game in two years, a guy who only had 15 MLB innings coming into the year, and technically a guy coming back from surgery. Most of us knew he would be great by season's end, but what he is doing right now is a huge surprise. He didn't just come back from a 2 year layoff and pick it up right where he left off -- he came back better. That is incredible, and I hope it doesn't turn into a "we should have expected this all along" because that narrative belies just how much work and dedication Kopech must have put in over the last two years to achieve this.
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    It was a nice weekend to get some guys going. Collins is an MLB catcher, Vaughn can play LF on a daily basis, Yermin is a real thing, the rotation is best in the AL and Nick and Robert are progressing, The bullpen needs to figure their shit out but other than that this team seems to be settling in rather well. The Sox appear to have made the right off season moves dare I say including the manager.
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    I’m going to post in solidarity because I agree with you, and should be in here posting when I’m excited. This team is still stacked and now starting to play up to its potential. But there’s still so much room for growth. There are so many potential sources of momentum. So many compelling storylines. It’s a team to dream on. I’m likewise fascinated by those who seem so energized by the occasional failures — and capable of meeting them with such creatively venomous negativity and absurd worst-case projections — yet somehow unable to flip the script when the team turns in a positive effort. Oh well, guess it’s not all that unusual, and serves as its own little meta-narrative in what I hope will be the most memorable Sox season in a long time. Let’s not let up for the tiggers and roll to a nice win streak!
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    Don't look now, but the stupid, slow, weak dude is stringing together extra base hits, smart base running, and solid defense.
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    The Pirates are terrible. They're every bit as bad as people think. Not sure what your second point means. Sox haven't played the Tigers once this year.
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    This little fucker is balling out. Kudos to him. His defense is better and his bat right now is electric, even the last out was another bullet. Also, an awesome safety squeeze executed to perfection.
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    Madrigal now sporting a wRC+ of 124 with a fairly reasonable .313 BABIP.
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    Look at his splits, 7 days, 14 days, they are both solid. The 28 day splits include his torrid start, so he's not hitting that. But over the 7 and 14 days, he's .333 BA and over .500 slugging. Who knows how he'll end up, but I think the more people doubt him, the more determined he'll be to succeed. Plus, it's not just his bat that helps the team. His energy is ultra positive. Helps replace some of what the Sox lost in the dugout when Eloy went down.
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    Sorry to be a little enthusiastic for a guy who has worked hard on his defense and is making a helluva lot more contact than he used to. Obviously he was not the star but he had a nice game.
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    thats not good enough for a rookie with under 50 games played
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    When the Sox can make trades for starting pitching the way San Diego did this winter and not make a sizable dent in their system then maybe we can use words like historic or juggernaut. There is good talent on the 40 man and in the minors, but this isn't even a good team yet. Lets be real.
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