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    TLR making the best team we’ve had in years almost unwatchable. Fuck JR
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    It’s really the fault of Katz and Cairo, because they aren’t whispering loud enough to Tony (that tends to happen when you hit 76, can’t really blame TLR on that one)
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    TLR ain’t changing. These asinine decisions are him clutching to his “old winning ways” and he doesn’t give a shit what anybody including his FO think. This team will have to win in spite of him and that’s damn tragic. Who woulda thought the manager would be having a monster effect by simply handicapping his own team by playing shitty fuckin players consistently
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    If Robin Ventura or Ricky Reneria were making the same decisions Tony has made, no one would be defending them. Someone , maybe Hahn or KW or JR himself needs to tell Tony that especially from the left side Leury isn't a HOF baseball person brother. He isn't legit.
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    I'll just leave this here
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    Sure hope he doesn't take that too personally and resign. 😎
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    If Hahn got rid of them and brought in new guys it would be the same shit unless they were rookies as well. I kind of understand Lamb hitting, he hasn't looked as bad as Leury but to continue to give Garcia starts especially over Nick is inexcusable. Nick is on the bench for the 2nd time in 4 games when he is probably our 3rd or 4th best hitter at the moment. It is mind boggling and I wish the press would push the questions on TLR more.
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    Hawk was right to kick him to the curb. The game has passed this drunk fuck by. JR sticking it to the fans after we sat through the rebuild.
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    So obviously we don’t know if those whispers are happening. So you can keep asking the question, but you know there is no way we find that out. What we do know is Tony LaRussa is the manager, and was paid quite a lot of money to do so. He was also selected over many other quality candidates, apparently because of his vast amount of experience. Yet here you are, asking about Ethan Katz and Miguel Cairo. As Hawk would say.....STRETCH!
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    Why didn't Miguel Cairo tell TLR not to play Lamb and Leury here?
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    Doesn’t the buck stop at the manager? It’s the reason he makes more than anyone else, right? If they Cairo and Katz DID offer input and were ignored, it’s an even bigger red flag for TLR. If they didn’t....why didn’t the HOF Baseball mind Tony La Russa know better than them? Isn’t that why he was brought in?
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    I feel like he’d be even worse as a first baseman.
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    The Yermin-Vaughn-Abreu-Garcia conundrum.
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    For all we know Katz or Cairo said something and TLR ignored it. That seems just as likely to me as no one saying anything at all. None of us really have any idea what communication did or didnt happen amongst the staff, but ultimately it is on the manager to make the call. The mounting evidence that Gio was running out of gas was pretty apparent to fans watching, so I don't know how it wasn't obvious to the staff in the dugout.
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    Dominkk I see you do this all the time, and I love your enjoyment of metrics, but this is just not how they were meant to be used. The projectability of 47 ab's (the total amount Vaughn has) using his current statistics has an R value still well south of .5 (sitting around .32-.42 depending on which stat you're looking at). That means even his entire sample still isn't yet a great indicator of what he's going to be as a hitter in his next AB or his next 100 AB's. By taking the sample down even smaller, to being L/R splits, you are dropping the R value down to .25-.32 depending on the metric you are looking at. The only thing that sees an R value near to past .5 over 50 AB's are K/BB metrics, and even then it just creeps over. It is typically the fastest to normalize. There is no need to take a small sample and make it smaller and start drawing conclusions on what Vaughn can and can't do. Is it possible he has been more comfortable vs lefties than righties this year? Sure. Is it predictable to the point of making a decision based on it? No.
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    Leury is a baseball person though
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    I saw that in the box score ( couldn’t watch today ) and immediately thought WTF.
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    I wouldn't let Eloy touch an outfield glove again.
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    No but players are Machos, they don't want to look soft. It can be bad for the team but you want pitchers with a give me the ball and let me throw all the time mentality and it is on the manager and pitching coach to protect him.
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    If Katz said nothing he is to blame but we don't know if he didn't say anything. Maybe he said something and was shot down by tlr
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    There are always folks lined up to share success. The line gets short when blame is getting passed out.
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    Keep carrying water for TLR bro
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    Steve Stone commented after one of Vaughn's strike-outs in that game that he was a young hitter was being "taken advantage of" by a veteran pitcher. In short, he was dominated. LaRussa didn't want that to happen again with the game on the line against Cleveland's Closer. As CaliSoxfan said yesterday, LaRussa is also trying to put Vaughn in situations where he is more likely to succeed. That wasn't one of them. Give me a break. That game was lost by Keuchel's walk-a-thon, not by LaRussa. The last 3 relievers that the Sox faced haven't given up any earned runs to us in a while. The Indians have a strong back end of either bullpen. If you trail after 6 innings, you are probably going to lose.
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    This is amazing. Larussa mismanages the guy, doesn't give him consistent Ab's, plays nick Williams over him and despite that some people want to give him credit for Vaughns success and not the fact that Vaughn has hit and would hit if he was just given a chance too. This place is too damn funny sometimes. Imaging giving a young player with a polished bat who was born in rake towns success to a geezer who refused to play him over a guy who isn't even on the team anymore.
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    Manfred sucks. Nobody likes Manfred. Not the players, not the owners, not the fans, etc. I don't know how the most traditionalist game in the world ended up with this Ivy League stiff who is constantly trying to change the game that has been played with the same rules for 100+ years.
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