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    Yes, we should definitely find some way to embed trolling in literally every post because that's what this site is lacking
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    There are a lot of stupid people out there. Not sure where to post this promo, but figured many here would be interested. I attended one for the Goose Island beer distributors in 2019, and it was awesome. They had an assortment of Goose Island beers in a cooler and on tap available on the field (would be Revolution for this event) and a buffet spread. You can hit batting practice a few times, shag balls in the outfield, go where you like on the field (besides the infield which is covered). A great experience. The one drawback for folks looking to take their kids is the fact these events are restricted to 21 and older due to the sponsor. Revolution's Anti-Hero IPA is excellent, worth a shot picking up a twelve pack if you drink beer and like IPAs. Enjoying one of their beers now, their excellent West Coast IPA, aka West Coast Hero. You won't get free tickets with this beer, but also worth buying as it's a great beer. Go Sox! Go Revolution!
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    My wife had texted me early in the game asking if it was still muggy and I responded that it was perfect. Really great time all around. Only dampened a bit by some drunken yutes after the game thinking that my Kannapolis Cannonballers Cap was first a Cubbie hat and then another group yelling their unfavorable opinion of the Blue Jays in my direction. My son said "I told you not to wear that hat." Too late and now it's lucky.
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    Yeah people love to act like Bauer's been got. He begged the MLB to police this stuff. Talked specifically about the differences certain substances could make based on his experiments. Still nothing from MLB. Then he started doing what many others are doing and his spin rates increased exactly how much he said they could. Now he's not denying his own use (as opposed to whatever drivel is coming out of Cole's mouth) and holding the same opinion he's always had. TLDR, Bauer brought the issue to light, the MLB ignored him, Bauer took that as his green light and Bauer won the Cy Young and a $100 million contract. The joke is not on Trevor Bauer who has been transparent and informative through all of this.
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    It was really great to be back at the ballpark. There was alot of energy in the crowd. In a couple of weeks I would guess it will be more crowded since capacity should be increased by then. Pretty much all of the concession stands were open. The water fountains were turned off if you want to know that. One thing to note is that the park is now cash-less...you need a card to pay for everything. There are no venders walking the stands...I do not know if that will change. Food was terrific. My son had the cuban sandwich and really liked it. If you or your middle guy are ice cream fans, in the LF corner there is a stand that makes fresh cones out of waffles they make right there and fill it up with 3 scoops. That was a great way to celebrate the 7th inning. Any other questions, just let me know. Have a terrific time!!!
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    I'd like to be the first to request another appearance by Carl Edwards Jr....He only pitched 2/3 of an inning so should be available tonight....Thank you
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    it's pretty insane how many draft picks the Sox have contributing.
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    The guy hitting .122 since the Minnesota series should be more worried about staying in the lineup.
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    Yes and no. This isn't some couple in Berwyn trying to bring Grandma up from Mexico; I could see that taking months and months. This is a prospect of an organization worth 100's of millions of dollars, a million dollar prospect with his own agent who has to have a lawyer or two. Somebody has to have someone, somewhere in all of this hundred of millions of dollars of agents, lawyers, and organization who has dealt with this before and who has the knowledge and experience; who can somehow expedite this Visa situation in, it seems to me, at most a couple weeks. But nothing after five weeks, at least??? Again, it makes no sense. Yoelqui is here? In America, in Arizona if I read it correctly on this site? Why can't this be fixed? Why is no one from the Sox organization talking about this? Again, it seems like something else is going on. I wonder if the Sox want it fixed. I am starting to think that maybe where ever in Arizona, is now Schaumburg West. That the Sox have no intention of Yoelqui playing minor league ball. I think there's a possibility that the Sox plan to Vaughn and Crochet him, bring him right to the majors with no minor league experience. It's worked out pretty well twice.
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    They had to scan my ticket to get to the 100 level so I do not think you can get there with an upper deck ticket but I would like to hear other's opinions on that as well for clarification.
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    Barons hat (especially the Jordan era hat) is better than most MLB hats. Great taste.
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    I’m not a big jersey guy, but a friend bought me the baby blue one in the middle pic. It’s a Dick Allen #15, and it is beautiful. Can’t wait to wear it to a game. Before the season, I emailed Brooks Boyer to consider it as the Sunday alt (as a tribute to Dick Allen and because I’m sick of the ‘83s). He said he likes the idea, but it was too late to do it for this season. I’m going to follow up and suggest it again. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of Allen’s MVP season.
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    This goes for traditional stats as well. Saving one’s best pitcher for the final three outs for a 3 run save statistic (or not even playing them on the road without a lead), while pitching your worst bullpen pitching options in the highest leverage situations. In a close game, the only stat a manager should prioritize is a team win, period.
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    Great, another unwritten rule to consider.
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    Young pitcher on the mound for the Jays, be nice to get to him early and get into their shitty pen again.
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    Quoted: andy van slyke dusty baker buck showalter Paul molitor ... get off my lawn old men! Seriously baserunning is as good or bad as it’s ever been. I don’t see much difference other than the correct position that steals usually aren’t the smart play. Guys go from 1st to 3rd as well as ever, probably better than in the 80s and 90s given the improved conditioning. much ado about nothing.
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    You know this is only a thing right now because the league wants to drive a wedge between players right?
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    We definitely addressed it one page back.
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    Not knowing who the home plate umpire was is the highest compliment you can give him.
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    He is on a major league roster contributing to a playoff team. He might not be where you want him, but it is hard to call someone on a major league roster a draft bust.
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    The White Sox and Cardinals are not rivals... If anything the fan bases like each other more than any other two MLB teams. I've worn a sox cap to multiple Cards games in St Louis and I've been given more hi fives, cheers, and "fuck the cubs" than I can count.
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