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    We’ll bring Jack back, but in exchange, you’re now banned. Seems fair. You in?
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    Check out this update.
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    ...or they're just chatting about strategic baseball decisions on a message board designed for that specific purpose
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    Just sign Semien, keep him at 2nd base, and have an incredible lineup
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    Not many things make me happier than watching the Padres situation deteriorate.
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    The 1994 White Sox and Expos walk out of the corn to play the 7 game series we missed.
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    2 starts 2 CG's 18 IP 1ER 17 K's 1BB 7 hits Let's go!
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    I would not do Crochet straight up for him with that contract even after the way they used him this year.
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    Andrew Vaughn is unplayable right now full time. His playoff role should be DH against lefties and pinch hitter against lefties. Engel gets RF because is bat is decent now and he has elite defense with good speed. Sheets should get the DH spot versus righties.
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    Alright boys, I didn’t want to a start a gamethread during the postseason as I felt there were posters more worthy of the honor. That being said, I feel like we need move past what has been a disastrous start and focus on what could be an epic comeback. Our guys will finally get the opportunity to play in front of our home fans. Despite being down 0-2, the crowd should be electric on Sunday and that will certainly make a big difference. Beyond that, there are several reasons for optimism: The Sox are significantly better at home with a .654 winning percentage We have zero extra base hits so far this series and that is bound to change Cease was on fire in Sep/Oct with a 2.53 FIP and is the likely game 3 starter If Lynn can mix things up better in game 4 and assuming La Russa can improve his in-game decision making, I think we got a great shot at evening things. Obviously it won’t be easy, but even one win can swing the monument in our favor. One other reason I wanted to start this thread was because my English Bulldog of 10 years of age passed away suddenly last week. The two of us watched over 1,000 Sox games together during his life and while he had no idea what was going on, he simply enjoyed the time together. Jocomo was one of the nicest dogs you’d ever meet, but dude was stubborn as fuck. He lived up to the “bulldog” reputation and hopefully our Sox can bring a similar mentality on Sunday and refuse to accept defeat. RIP buddy, hopefully we can get 11 more wins this year in your honor.
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    Always look for the simple answer to a complicated question. In this case, it's not even complicated. This franchise has been a joke for 30 years. Major market team run by ineptitude, nepotism, and greed. Not built for, nor run for its fan base. Jerry and his minions will screw the state, pilfer us for parking, and make personal-based decisions w/r/t the on-field product rather than focus the organization around winning. We lucked into a lightening-in-a-bottle team and championship in 2005, which only allowed this clown show to continue with some polish. When finally faced with an opportunity to build a legitimate force based on some shrewd front office player development finally, we have not brought in the right talent and free agents around it for the simple afore mentioned reasons. The final insult, as we all know, was to appoint Tony, the true king clown, to head it up only so that Jerry can fix some karma bullshit before he finally dies. Until Jerry is gone, and even then, unless his idiot kids get out of the way, nothing will ever change with this franchise. We will waste having a mid-20s superstar, possible HoF talent, and be just mediocre during this run. What a shame. Glad Jerry, however, that you will die a multi-billionaire. Good for you.
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    Teams are going to line up for Kimbrel this off season. They're smart enough not to let a 2 month sample size affect their evaluation on a player of Kimbrel's caliber. Plus when they really dig in and understand just how horribly the Sox have handled his situation they'll be even more in on him.
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    James Fegan wrote an article with a paragraph or two about the player and specifics of how they were acquired. https://theathletic.com/2862389/2021/10/03/how-the-white-sox-built-their-division-winner-rebuild-trades-free-agent-splashes-and-hidden-gems/?source=emp_shared_article&redirected=1 Below I have grouped the players using James' article categories, and have added their 2021 salary and final bWAR. (P Min = Prorated ML Minimum for time on roster). Rebuild Trades ($27.9M; 19.4 bWAR) Lance Lynn ($9.3M; 5.4); Lucas Giolito ($4.2M; 4.3); Reynaldo Lopez ($2.1M; 0.9) for Adam Eaton (2017-2020 $29.4M; 4.8) & Avery Weems (High A). Dylan Cease ($0.6M; 2.9); Eloy Jimenez ($4.3M; 0.6) for Jose Quintana (2017-2020 $36.9M; 4.6). Yoan Moncada ($6.8M; 4.0); Michael Kopech ($0.6M; 1.3) for Chris Sale (2017-2019 $39.5M; 15.4). High Draft Picks ($10.0M; 7.4 bWAR) Tim Anderson ($7.3M; 4.6) - 2013 1st Round (17th pick) Garrett Crochet ($0.6M; 1.3) - 2020 1st Round (11th pick) Nick Madrigal (P Min; 1.2) - 2018 1st Round (4th pick) Jake Burger (P Min, 0.4) - 2017 1st Round (11th pick) Andrew Vaughn ($0.6M; 0.2) - 2019 1st Round (3rd pick) Gavin Sheets (P Min; 0.2) - 2017 2nd Round Zack Collins ($0.6M; -0.5) - 2016 1st Round (10th pick) Cuban Connection ($21.2M; 6.6 bWAR) Luis Robert ($3.5M; 3.6) - Signed May 27, 2017 Jose Abreu ($17.7M; 3.0) - Signed October 29, 2013 We Mean Business Free Agent Signings ($58.6M; 11.5 bWAR) Carlos Rodon ($3.0M; 5.1) - Signed February 1, 2021 Yasmani Grandal ($18.3M; 3.7) - Signed November 21, 2019 Liam Hendriks ($11.3M; 2.6) - Signed January 15, 2021 Dallas Keuchel ($18.0M; 0.1) - Signed December 30, 2019 Adam Eaton ($8.0M; 0.0) - Signed December 10, 2020 Deadline Deals ($12.8M; 1.8 bWAR) Leury Garcia ($3.5M; 2.0) - Acquired August 11, 2013 as player to be named in the August 9, 2013 trade of Alex Rios ($16.3M; 1.2). Ryan Tepera ($0.3M; 0.6) - Acquired July 29, 2021 for Bailey Horn (High A). Craig Kimbrel ($7.1M; 0.0) - Acquired July 30, 2021 for Nick Madrigal ($0.2M; 0.0) & Codi Heuer ($0.2M; 0.5). Cesar Hernandez ($1.9M; -0.8) - Acquired July 29, 2021 for Konnor Pilkington (AA). Very Late Draft Picks ($5.2M; 0.9 bWAR) Adam Engel ($1.4M; 1.5) - 2013 19th Round Aaron Bummer ($2.0M; 0.5) - 2014 19th Round Codi Heuer ($0.6M; 0.0) - 2018 6th Round Romy Gonzalez (P Min; -0.1) - 2018 18th Round Jimmy Lambert (P Min; -0.1) - 2016 5th Round Seby Zavala (P Min; -0.2) - 2015 12th Round Danny Mendick (P Min; -0.3) - 2015 22nd Round Matt Foster ($0.6M; -0.4) - 2016 20th Round Give That Pro Scout A Raise ($6.5M; 2.6 bWAR) Ryan Burr ($0.6M; 1.1) - Signed as a free agent on December 16, 2019. Jose Ruiz ($0.6M; 1.1) - Selected off waivers from the San Diego Padres on December 22, 2017. Yermin Mercedes ($0.6M; 0.5) - Drafted in the Rule 5 Draft from the Baltimore Orioles on December 14, 2017. Billy Hamilton ($1.0M; 0.3) - Signed as a free agent on March 16, 2021. Mike Wright Jr. (P Min; 0.0) - Signed as a free agent on December 24, 2020. Jake Lamb ($0.8M; 0.0) - Signed as a free agent on March 30, 2021. Evan Marshall ($2.0M; -0.2) - Signed as a free agent on October 30, 2018. Brian Goodwin ($0.8M; -0.2) - Signed as a free agent on May 5, 2021. Note: I moved Adam Eaton from "Rebuild Trades" and Carlos Rodon from "High Draft Picks" to Free Agent Signings reflect their 2021 acquisition; and also moved Codi Heuer to Very Late Draft picks (was in Deadline Deals). Note: Batters not mentioned in the article who played for the Chicago White Sox this season include Luis Gonzalez (P Min; 0.1) and Nick Williams (P Min; -0.3). Pitchers not mentioned who pitched for the Whtie Sox include Zack Burdi (P Min; -0.1), Jace Fry ($0.9M; -0.3) and Jonathan Stiever (P Min; 0.0).
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    ...just post a lineup with a super obvious Abreu omission as a way of begging to be asked about it
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    Are you talking every day of the 162-game season has all of the day's games played at the same time? Terrible idea. That would kill the game. It would be so hard to watch baseball games of teams in other markets, meaning it would be harder for fans to be a fan of the game, learning about those other teams and players. Part of the fun of being a baseball fan is know that when your team isn't playing, someone else is. The excitement of today's slate, flipping back and forth and having live cut-ins of the other scores, would be lost if they did this every day. Broadcasts wouldn't care about the other scoring updates on a random game 77 of the season played on a Tuesday.
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    The top of the order has balled out in the playoffs. Next.
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    This is for the guy who complains about how much Grandal sucks
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    Last 30 days: Sox pitching - 3.43 ERA [0.30 below season ERA], 9.73 K/9, 3.13 K/BB, top 4 starters threw 76.2 innings Houston pitching - 4.02 ERA [0.26 above season ERA], 8.37 K/9, 2.16 K/BB, top 4 starters threw 106.0 innings Sox pitchers are more rested and have been pitching better
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    So far TLR has been amazingly underwhelming this post season, considering that was what he was brought in for, his 'experience' has not helped the Sox improve on last year in the post season.
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    Imagine being a manager and knowing you have 5 fresh relievers and 1 who hasn't been successful on back to back and pitched yesterday and say to yourself, let's go get the former in the biggest moment of the game and season. It's honestly amazing. I can't get over it. I was cracking up
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    Abreu about to have a Jordan Flu game and go 4-4 2 homers 6 RBIs
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    Nick Madrigal showed us two things in his time here. An 80 hit tool and an 80 injury tool. Everything else about him was not what we expected. Maybe he gets there eventually, but his defense and baserunning where decidedly average as a whole. The grinder fan club can stan him all they like, but when 2Bs are a dime a dozen, it's more like Nick Mehdrigal. Kimbrel may have struggled since he got here, but remember 2 things. #1, the pen outside of Liam was pretty scary at this point, including Heuer who was supposed to be a vital bridge guy. #2, Kimbrel had put up the best stats of any reliever on the market at that point, and Rick Hahn beat everyone to him without giving up a current starter or top prospect.
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