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    Vaughn looks like an easy out for the past several weeks against better RH pitchers, and he will see a few in Houston. The excuses for him have gotten old. (i.e., Stone reminding how he was forced to play outfield and how hard Vaughn hits balls that are caught for routine outs). There are a lot of outfielders that hit .237 with 15 HR in their rookie year. So what? Vaughn can make everyone forget his struggles over the last month or so with a couple of clutch hits in the playoffs. Pump a three run homer for a White Sox play-off win and Vaughn will be the toast of the town. Not many recall what Scotty Pods hit for average in 2005, but that WS game 2 winning home run won't be forgotten anytime soon. The playoffs are time for champions to rise above the rest. Who are the players that can meet that challenge?
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    It sucks that I can't watch the postgame show on MLB.tv
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    Ask me again in November. Then ask me again in June. Then ask me again in 2023.
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    I have the 10 game voucher plan so I get presale PRIOR to general public. Hopefully some are left!
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    I dropped YTTV about a year ago. Liked the service, but I live in MN and when they got into a spat with FSN and lost access, I went back to Comcast. It ended up close to a wash cost wise because Comcast was bending me over the chair for internet without TV. For baseball, assuming you don't have blackout issues, MLB.tv is the easy choice. I've used it for decades as an out of market fan. I may actually switch to mlb extra innings next year, but that is moreso because for some reason I am unable to figure out, MLB.tv buffers on every tv in my new house except the living room. So I am kind of stuck watching games there, which my wife certainly gets annoyed about. I'd love to watch the Sox in my basement or bedroom, but it just skips too much.
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    Yeah, SlingTV was 25 and included NBC Sports Chicago a couple of years back. I was more than happy. Now you're telling me a $65 package is needed?? Wasn't youtube tv 50 before? Slingtv got rid of nbc sports, and now it's 10 dollars more too. I have the Disney bundle, but you just know that price will go up soon too. Now, I borrow a family member's cable subscription to use the nbc sports app and HBO Max while sharing Netflix, Disney, etc., but you just know that they'll eventually lock the location you can use them in someday also. This is literally reverting back to just being just like cable. Bullshit.
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    So you think they hit him intentionally in a 1 run game with 1 out in the ninth, with Jose down 2 strikes?
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    The tigers didn't throw at Abreu intentionally. But, like other teams, They are busting him inside. and like other teams, their young pitchers do not know how to do this. Despite Jose not standing particularly close to the plate, he is getting drilled often. To make other teams "more careful" you can starting pitching their star similarly, slide hard, etc. That's what happened against the angels and now the tigers. We cannot afford to lose Pito for the playoffs because some green pitcher gets careless.
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    The arguments for vaccine hesitancy are absolutely insane. I don’t trust doctors, scientists, or the government, but I do trust Facebook, Fox News, or random alt-right website. Some people who were vaccinated still got sick and died, so clearly the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I’m scared about the long-term affects of getting a vaccine, but I don’t care about the longer hauler risk from COVID let alone the immediate risk of death. What a bunch of fucking bullshit and these people deserve zero sympathy from us at this point. Also, for the love of god stop calling the vaccine “the jab”. That’s the same term my wack-job right-wing cousins use to spread vaccine distrust as they cite articles from notoriously fake news sites. There is nothing fucking cute about it and it proves you aren’t pro vaccine.
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    I call BS on the notion that Lange didn't hit Abreu on purpose. His postgame comments indicated that Abreu was crowding the plate because the first two pitches were away, and that's why the inside pitch hit him. I looked at the replay, and Abreu was not crowding the plate, and that pitch went way inside past that anyway. He's trying to cover because he doesn't want to get blamed for his infielder getting clobbered. Pedro Martinez said it was 100% intentional and he would know.
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    I have no doubt that he’d miss and the fastball would go right down the middle for a hit.
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    Would he be able to get it direct from the factory or would it have to ship to the US and then back to China?
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    Order one for Caulfield.
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    Kyrie's one of those guys who will be contrarian just to make himself look smart. The guy literally believed the earth is flat. His aunt seems to be all in his ear about this stuff and she's definitely one of those people. I wonder how much of a role she had in Kyrie being this way.
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    I don't like the Tigers hitting Abreu fuck the Tigers.
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    Sports are literally the only reason I have kept COmcast around.
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    89 wins. I, personally, would not include mike wright on the postseason roster.
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    Poor guy. That slapped a little harder than expected tho
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    I don't understand these threads where the only thing it was made for is to complain about the front office. Let's live in the moment and enjoy October. After that you can judge, criticize or who knows maybe even leave a few positive comments.
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    Man, after all these years, you still just suck at this. You’d think you'd wise up just a little bit over time. The White Sox ran away and hid from the division during the 2021 season. It was unlike most other seasons we are used to. The Sox bullpen, at times, was a strength for this team but also inconsistent. The Sox went out and got Ryan Tepera but over the following few days, teams across the league really bolstered their stretch rosters and the Sox decided to make a strength even stronger. Craig Kimbrel was far and away the best relief pitcher on the market. You can disagree, but you'd also be wrong. It was a guy many of us were asking for, and Hahn confirmed him and Williams had their eye on him since May as one of their ideal acquisitions. Now, see if you can stay with me here, this is where it gets a little nuanced, and I fear I may confuse you. The playoffs are more important than the regular season. I know it's hard to fathom, but the impact a dominant reliever can have in the playoffs is much greater than in the regular season, especially when recently we've seen starters get pulled incredibly early in postseason games. If Kimbrel is lights out this postseason and contributes meaningful, impactful innings on the way to the World Series.....I don't give a FUCK about a game he blew in the middle of August. I also won't give a fuck what Nicky Slapdick does for the Cubs in 2024 either. I hope he does great. But he is never going to be a true impact player and became expendable while sitting on the IL when the Sox were chasing a World Series. So yes, in conclusion.....you and Ron can have a circlejerk over Madrigal and Kimbrel struggling with the Sox. You hated the trade from the moment it was announced and won't hesitate to tell everyone the moment his name gets brought up. But I'm not willing to grade a trade when history is still being written. Kimbrel still has the opportunity to make a major impact for this team when it matters most. If he does that, the trade will be a win for hopefully both teams involved. If he shits the bed when it matters most, then it was a bad acquisition. But I'm also not going to hang Hann and Co. out to dry for acquiring the best available RP on the market and using an injured player as the main trade piece during their World Series window. That's what I want my GM to do.
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    Why would you engage with me if you want me to move on from a thread that I’ve already moved on from? Silly Goober.
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    The Sox would have also faced a challenge making the playoffs in the NL West this season. Jerry may not have even bothered to try, would have a permanent built in excuse for waving a perennial wild card carrot in light of not being able to compete against two “big market teams”.
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    I gave it an A for bringing a lot of anxiety to all the geniuses on this board who think they could do better.
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    The Tepera trade was very solid. Horn is fine and may, possibly, eventually, become a contributor in the Cubs pen in 2023; however, he's a 35+ guy no matter how you slice it. The A's gave up Daniel Palencia who is a better prospect than Horn for Chafin who is objectively worse than Tep. Cesar obviously hasn't been great, but it would've been a bit short-sighted to just plug Leury in a second and take him out of the super-utility role. The idea of Cesar was that he'd be a league average bat (more pop than contact) with plus defense. Hasn't exactly worked out, but its hard to blame Hahn for that. Picking him up from the second place team in the division that you have a super series with at the end of the year was a nice boost. Looking back, Pilkerton was too steep of a price considering the results both have had, but their is no guarantee that Pilkerton's stuff will play at the bigs during the title window. Regardless, I dont think Pilkerton was netting more than Cesar so their isnt much opportunity cost worry here. Then obviously, the Kimbrel Trade. If the plan was for an eighth inning guy, there were cheaper ways to do this. If Kimbrel were a guy like 2016 Andrew Miller that would give you 2 innings of shutdown relief every other night then fine. If you wanted to put Kimbrel at closer and move Hendricks into that role, then I'm good with that. Sox talk legend Codi Heuer got absolutely shelled today. Even prior to today I dont think anyone here would rather put him out there in the 8th instead of Kimbrel. The biggest issue is the Madrigal part. The thought was that Cesar would provide similar value to Madrigal next year, while contributing to the title run this year. By 2023, Jose Rodriguez may be able to be the starting second basemen. To a tanking team like the Cubs, getting an MLB ready asset that wont impact the teams mission of putting a disgusting product out there day in and day out is a dream. The bigger concern is more the opportunity cost of what else Madrigal could've brought back. The right teams had to value a second-base-only guy with a torn hammy who relies on his hit tool. If the Marlins/Pirates/Rockies' scouts aren't impressed with Madrigal you can build a trade around him. Simple as that. Sure Bryant would've slotted in well, but there was no club option on Bryant and he would almost definitely leave after this year. I also really don't think that Hoyer and ownership would be willing to trade him to the South Side without a huge tax. On the emotional attachment scale, I think TA=Javy, Jose=Rizzo, and Bryant=Robert. Kimbrel is like Hendricks. Love the guy, but he's more of a mercenary than a guy you've been attached to for years. I root for the Sox, but that wouldve hurt me. There has been and will be debate on what Madrigal should've been cashed in for, but I think Hahn's process was sound here. The starters were dominant prior to the deadline and Lopez has been great as the #6 since. The lineup was producing and still had Robert, Grandal, and Eloy coming back. And the bullpen was very good, but there was a need for another reliable high-leverage guy so that Crochet and Kopech could avoid being over/misused. From the outside looking in, I think Hahn is a hell of a GM. Like Theo, he will have his warts when you look back at his tenure, but he brought back the Sox from purgatory by nailing the Sale, Quintana, and Eaton trades. If Hahn had a bigger budget, he may have given Zack Wheeler and offer so big that he told is in-laws to give him some space. Hahn obviously preferred Wheeler over Keuchel and that would've been a huge difference in this title window. If the Sox win the WS, the answer is A+. If not it's a C or worse. Pretty much no matter what he did during the deadline the answer would be the exact same. As for your question, I'd probably go B or C if I had to choose. I think he showed that he can be a somewhat unemotional buyer which is a good thing. I think some GMs would be more attached to their #4 overall pick and wouldn't sell him at an injury discount.
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