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    LOL. Post-game mentioned how the only other modern era pitcher to have 10+ Ks, allow no more than 1 hit, and get 3 hits did with the bat today was Catfish Hunter. Ozzie then says thank god Hawk isnt still calling the game, or else we would have had to hear Hawk talk about Catfish Hunter the entire rest of the game. Then Ozzie did a Hawk impression. "I tell you what, Catfish Hunter was the best..." That was good stuff.
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    Good friends we have had Good friends we’ve lost along the way
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    Caulfield, easily one of the worst posts in Soxtalk history right here.
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    Passan is a hack-lib who is taking a personal chance at taking down TLR.
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    Rick Hahn was named GM in late October, 2012. He was assistant GM beginning in 2002. But just looking at his run as “the guy”.....he didn’t have a winning season in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019......it took a COVID-shortened season for him to achieve his first winning record as GM, and the Sox won one game in the Playoffs. He has been the man in charge for 8+ seasons and has 1 playoff victory to his name. No, I will not be apologizing to Rick Hahn. As others have said, it would be far more appropriate for the organization to apologize to us.
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    Bah…..apologize? He should apologize to us for how long we’ve been waiting and nothing has really been accomplished yet. It’s still early in the season but “we” should apologize? That’s ridiculous.
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    A very meaningful holiday for Cubans
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    It's in spite of LaRussa not because.
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    Vaughn had 2 of the 4 hits. That should earn him some time off.
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    It's always funny to see you stan for larussa over and over again.
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    oh great caulfield found the milb forum.
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    You are a contrarian aren't you. When everyone is positive, you're negative. When everyone is negative you go the positive.
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    Hahn- I'd like to talk to you about Kris Bryant's availability. Cubs- Just pay his salary, we don't want anything else at all of value. Hahn- I'd like to talk to you about Joc Pederson's availability.
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    Do we have to say sorry to Rick Hahn if this turns out to be another "developmental" year?
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    Ok, I'm game: 1. Apologize? For what, exactly? 2. Looking at Hahn's record as GM, what, exactly, has he accomplished? 3. Some of his key acquisitions over the years have taken a giant shit. Some that are CURRENTLY with this team haven't worked out, or have not worked out as well as hoped. Where has he been right, where most of us have been wrong? 4. This feels like trying to "spike the football" before crossing the end zone. Exactly what has been won in this season? Thanks in advance.
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    I have nothing against Rick Hahn, but I don't think I have to apologize to him. What am I, as a fan, have to be sorry for? Going on 13 years without a division title which is the second longest such stretch since divisional play began in 1969? The rebuild is shaping up, but the White Sox haven't won anything yet. We will see if this process truly works out and how serious this franchise is about winning.
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    It's hard to take people seriously when they call grandal avg or below avg last year when he was arguably the best catcher in baseball. The knee is clearly effecting him this year. He had to change how he sits behind home plate for goodness sakes. This is why players shouldn't play hurt. Fans rip them for not playing hurt then rip them for not being great when they play hurt.
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