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    If anyone is loving a possible TJS for Marshall thats very fucked up
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    Don’t lose hope! You’ll meet the right guy eventually
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    Man, it's really pathetic to die on the hill of "Will someone please think of the process?" when someone had their skull cracked open and raped. Brain worms.
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    Let's all have a nice chuckle before our Holiday weekend! Guys twitter didn't have inspirational internet quotes lol so he must not have been working hard. Social media has destroyed all rational thought.
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    What a moment for Jake Burger. Sox fans had pretty much given up the kid for dead after the first achillies, let alone the second one. The kid got to hit in a freaking made up baseball league for a month, and wasn't even invited to Schaumburg initially. Then he gets the late invite to the camp, and quietly goes about his business there. He shows up in camp this year having a grand total of 200 PAs in professional baseball, all at Low A in 2017. and then proceeds to hit like he hasn't missed a day of baseball. If you can't root for a kid like this, and be happy for his success, who can you root for?
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    Stop responding to Parkman, example #2,356.
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    I almost wonder if Rick saw Eaton batting leadoff yesterday and said nope fuck this, we ain't doing that anymore.
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    Ozzie on the post game said he should have buried one in Donaldsons ribs and said, "oops, sorry, no sticky stuff."
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    Lets wait to see whether or not Vulture approves of your conclusion here before we get excited about it!!!
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    Every time I'm ready to come around on him something dumb happens.
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    Good to finally see this happen. For the record, we should all be savoring this moment. The Sox drafted a raw SS in the middle of the 1st round with a high ceiling out of a JuCo who had a minimum of ABs. They developed him into a batting champion, a defensive wiz, a great clutch hitter, and now an all-star. What a great win for Timmy and the White Sox organization.
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    Then do us all a favor and stop trying to take us all down into your pity party on a daily basis.
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    I have a problem with all the hits he gives up. Regardless of outfield positioning.
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    Facts with sources? You should try it. Makes for better reading than baseless bluster.
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    It would be easier for you to say "I was wrong and made many absurd comments about the personal life and mindset of Jake Burger" but instead you doubled down like the champ you are!
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    Moncada isn't going to RF, 2B, or anywhere else.
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    Dumb. Good way to get TA hurt. Trust me, I'd like to see Donaldson take a 99 MPH fastball somewhere it hurts a few days. But there is just no upside for the Sox. We're in 1st place and already dinged up to no end. We don't need to get into a bean ball contest with a team 12.5 GB and nothing to lose. The last thing we need is TA, Jose, Grandal etc. getting one to the hands.
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    Nobody believes that. You'd be complaining about the lack of prospects or whatever part of the team that was lowest performing. If you were dating Kate Upton you'd be complaining about the fact that she's not going to age well. If you won the lottery you would be bitching about the taxes you'd have to pay.
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    Need Eloy to come in on a horse like Gandalf at Helms Deep
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    This may mean Burger is here a while. But a big recognition of Forbes, who to me is another sign of Sox PD working better. We acquired him as a raw, toolsy player from Texas for MiGo in 2017 as a 20 year old. While producing decent averages, he had no power to speak of, but slowly climbed up the ladder from W-S to Bham. In 2019 in Bham, something interesting happened, he started to walk a lot. He doubled his walks from year before and put up a nice .330 OBP despite a low average. But again, zero power. Them we miss him for a full year and he comes back to Bham as a 24 year old and starts off with a fantastic .299/.356/.456 slash line. He had more homers in 2 months this year than all of 2019, his .150+ iso his best yet. Congrats to Forbes! Go kick charlottes ass and don’t look back.
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    Burger has to be one of the more impressive stories I've seen in my baseball viewing life. Burger hadn't played a professional game, before this year, since 2017. 2017!!! He was coming back from an injury that just 15-20 years ago was a career ender, and he suffered the injury twice! No one comes back twice. This year he hasn't just been good, he's been unbelievable in AAA. He even started a little slowly - likely due to the time off - but he now has a wRC+ of 150 through 185 PA's. He's been arguably the best hitter in AAA for the past month+, and he's done it with power and a reasonable k-rate. HIs bb rate could use a little growth, but he somehow found a way to turn the hitch in his swing into a load-timing mechanism that gets his hands to the zone quicker and keeps them in the zone longer - a pretty wild adjustment. For someone with as little experience as he has had over the past few years, his growth is amazing. You got to wonder where Burger would be developmentally if not for the injuries. I don't know if he'll succeed in the big leagues, but the performance he has had this year is nothing short of remarkable. Pretty crazy for a guy that was retiring because he attended a Bears v Packers game and posted those pictures to instagram.... lol
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    Did Tony LaRussa talk to Donaldson about the Joy's of Respecting the Game?
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    Entering tonight his last 11 appearances he went 11IP, 16 K, 2 BB, 8H, 3ER (all in that one Detroit appearance). It looked like he started to turn a corner.
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