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    Good job ! Kind of sad the winners thread is ignored . Mendick with a 2 run HR was unexpected but sweet in his 1st start in RF. Nice to see a HR from an OFer for a change. Pitching from Lynn fantastic . Bullpen was solid . Hung a snowman in the 1st and cruised to an easy win. Sweep it up it tomorrow SSHM.
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    THIS. 100% THIS. I don't think 90% of this board realizes how few good all-around catchers there are. It amazes me every single day. Lost in their own world, I guess. Yasmani is a frustrating player to watch, but he's an elite overall catcher. There are few guys who are good defensive catchers and above average offensive producers in the entire history of the game. if you don't like Grandal's game, there isn't a catcher on the planet outside of maybe Realmuto you're going to be impressed with. And Realmuto and Grandal literally produced shockingly similar numbers in 2020.
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    It's hard to take people seriously when they call grandal avg or below avg last year when he was arguably the best catcher in baseball. The knee is clearly effecting him this year. He had to change how he sits behind home plate for goodness sakes. This is why players shouldn't play hurt. Fans rip them for not playing hurt then rip them for not being great when they play hurt.
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    Why is there all this rationalizing and defending for Grandal? Going into doubleheader today: BA - .122, OBP - .283, SLG - .286, OPS - .569 . There is nothing to justify on Grandal. Almost every starting catcher in baseball is batting better. His stats are the worst on the Sox for the starters. At the time it seemed like a good free agent signing, but today it's horrible signing. The Sox need to move on and trade him regardless of how little they get for him. We can live with Zach Collins. Collins is not a whole lot better...but definitely better and definitely a better fielding catcher. It's sad Yermin Mercedes isn't a more capable catcher.
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    I do believe that the decision to sign Grandall and let McCann walk will ultimately come back to bite the Sox in the ass. Decisions like this, not to mention the hiring of an outdated manager, lead me to believe that the ineptitude of the front office will prevent this team from reaching the promised land.
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    Missed most of the game...replay starting now....gonna stay up a bit to watch that 1st half inning...I understand it was quite fun. 😁
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    Grandal with a .388 OBP after tonight. His average and slugging are still bad of course, but he has been pretty damn unlucky. He has a pultry .121 BABIP when his career average is .277. His hard hit % is 51.2%, which is the highest of his career. Soft hit % is a minute 4.7%. the ground balls are definitely hurting him, though.
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    Sounds like a good opportunity for Tony to get Hamilton a start in LF. Gotta keep him fresh.
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    Yeah. He should be back in mid-August depending on how much of a rehab assignment they do.
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    I mean, at that point as long as the Royals aren't scoring either, you probably are having difficulty attaining the same level of focus, desire, and intensity. The game feels over and you just want to formalize the W. Maybe it shouldn't be like that, but it makes sense to me.
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    Well that’s clearly your problem right there. I’m going to drive to KC buddy and introduce you to double IPA’s …….
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    Its been noted Carlos is a real competitor. If I'm him then, I look at a healthy 2022 Sox team coming back and I want to be a part of that even if someone else offers a slightly better deal.
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    When complaining about our bad luck with losing Eloy & Luis...we need to give thanks for Rodon & Mercedes. .Good Win!!
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    starting pitchin... ben bitchin... as the kids said in the 80s....
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    There is a chance. Hed probably get a QO and accept it. The Sox may offer him and Lynn 2 years and 25-30 million. Lynn has age and Rodon has injury history.
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    I wouldn't go as far as he's looked comfortable, but he hasn't screwed up and he hasn't been a rollercoaster. Honestly, he hasn't been challenged too much but he's looked better than Eloy. He seems like a mature kid. He had no issues or confusion when it come to giving way to Robert and even TA. I think he knows he's in the lineup for his bat. Know you role, know your worth. Once the power comes with this guy everyone will love him and he's a far more valuable player in LF than at 1B.
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    There's no need to overthink this. LF Eloy, CF Robert, RF Vaughn, DH Yermin That offense absolutely spanks.
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    Buffoons? For questioning Grandal? https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=c&stats=bat&lg=all&qual=50&type=8&season=2021&month=0&season1=2021&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&startdate=2021-01-01&enddate=2021-12-31&sort=18,d 22nd out of 26th in Wrc+. 22nd in FG defense. Of course, Narvaez is #1. More than half the catchers at 100+ though. Hardly a barren wasteland like previous years. 22nd in fWAR. And that’s with noted masher from the recent past Mitch Garver ensconced behind him.
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    Probably because almost every underlying stat shows his stats are going to get better. Do you really think he will bat .108 on all balls he hits in play this year? his walks are up and strike outs are down. Usually I just like to observe on this board but its so obvious some folks here just watch sox games and live in their bubble. Trade him for who exactly? To play collins everyday? Lower iso, more K's and less walks. We really think those 3 infield singles the other day from him is sustainable? I swear some live in fantasy land here. Lets see where he's at in july. If he's hurt I wouldn't mind an IL stint at all.
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    The Grandal experience is exactly what some of us expected
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    No disrespect to Grandal; he's still a very good C and was a great one in 2019. But in 2019, C was not a position of weakness; McCann was very good and deserving of a longer deal. A 2 or 3 yr deal then for McCann at ~$10 or ~$18 ($4,6,8m - was making $2.9m in 2019) and then spent the tens of $m's of savings elsewhere would have been much more prudent. Grandal's regression from 2019 could have easily be expected but was not anticipated by the FO, especially switching leagues and his age. This isn't hindsight, the Grandal signing was a big time head scratcher for me then. He wasn't $14m or $12m or even $10m better than McCann from a 2019 offseason perspective.
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    Yes, and I can't emphasize enough the guy is playing HURT this year. Probably moreso than any of us even realize. He's a catcher with a knee problem. That's not good. It's no surprise he's rolling over everything. He's left handed and his front leg is injured. He's also been the victim of some bad luck which happens. Grandal didn't tell giolito to throw face high change ups over and over vs Boston. The soxtalk narrative I am most exhausted of is that a catcher makes a pitcher throw a certain pitch. Pitchers are responsible for what they throw. No one else is. Mccann xwOBA is 285! Grandals xwOBA is 365! One has had incredibly bad batted ball luck, the other has been bad and his batted ball luck has been as expected.
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    Grandal is worse given how much more they are paying him.
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