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    This is a really really good team, they will be contenders for the next few years but guess what, we aren't gonna win every damn game. I hate reading negative comments, especially so early in a game. /rant Great game, let's do it again tomorrow!
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    Lol same. Missed Saturday game because out with family. Then Sunday I was gone most of the day getting this cute thing Crede - 11 weeks old and die hard sox fan clearly.
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    April numbers: .255/.364/.362, 12.7% BB%, 30.9 K%, .106 ISO, .400 BABIP, 115 wRC+ May numbers: .276/.405/.448, 16.2% BB%, 13.5% K%, .172 ISO, .292 BABIP, 147 wRC+ He's also increased his contact rate from 65% to 77%. Not only has he cut his strikeout rate by more than half, but he's no longer reliant on a high BABIP to fuel most of his line and he's hitting the ball harder as well. His improvement in just a month is already so impressive.
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    Hope it was worth the suspension for this. Enjoy your 10 days off. Anyone else, step up next.
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    I think that this exact post is precisely what the organization from reinsdorf, Hahn, Kenny on down to TLR and Katz needed in order to realize that Giolito was not performing up to his expected level and something may not be totally right. I'm confident that each of them spit out their morning coffee and exclaimed "oh shit!" when they fired up soxtalk this AM to see what the experts were saying, gaining newfound insight on the performance of their ace as they realized something may be out of whack. Thanks, parkman for enlightening them.
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    Almost 5% of board content is either @southsider2k5 or @fathom.
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    I kniw the final score is misleading since it was a close game throughout, but I love a blowout win after some posters threw in the towel in the second inning.
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    Nothing against @South Side Hit Men, but shouldn’t someone else be starting this thread given we lost game 1? Not sure if double-headers have special rules, but I wouldn’t temp the baseball gods after a game 1 that included a shitty Giotilo performance, a Nicky Two K’s game, and an injury to MVPito.
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    Just a reminder, but this is Dylan’s 33rd start. He basically has one years worth starts. He has also shown massive improvement vs. last year which is evident by a massive reduction in FIP (3.28 vs. 6.36), O-Zone swing % (31.4% vs. 22.2%), K % (32.0% vs. 17.3%), & Hard Hit Rate (32.9% vs. 40.9%). All in, he’s gone from being in the 5th percentile for xwOBA to the 74th heading into tonight. While he’s still a work in progress, both the stuff and command look way better than last year. Anyone suggesting he’s bad or will lose his job to Kopech soon simply doesn’t get that it takes time for young pitching to develop. To me, he looks like he can develop into a high end #3 starter with the upside for more. Let’s try not to overreact every bad inning or start while he’s on his way of getting there.
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    Fuck off and let me root for Sox players to do well
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    Is this the mask thread or game thread? Woof. Let's talk about baseball.
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    Well at least we don't have to read anymore of your posts this game.
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    It. Doesn't. Fucking. Matter. He is vaccinated, outside, and around other vaccinated people. The masks are theatrical bullshit at that point anyway
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    The Royals have now lost 11 straight, still three games up on the Twins😂
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    And the award for the most predictable thread goes to...
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    Would only be 3,950,000 if the Sox hadn't hired LaRussa.
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    I m lso conrnd wth Cdy Heur.
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    With 7 inning doubleheaders and Kopech able to start, the Sox are better constructed for doubleheaders than anybody else.
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