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    Two things can be true at once. TLR was 100% wrong in how he handled the 3-0 count/HR situation with Yermin. Basically the entire roster sided with Yermin over Tony. It was dumb then and it's still dumb now. Under no circumstance should that situation lead someone to retire from the sport. Yermin had an incredible 6 week run or whatever it was, but decided he was "above" making adjustments at the plate, wanted to keep doing his own thing, and it led to him going back to AAA. If TLR throwing him under the bus was really his mental downfall, he didn't have much of a future with MLB to start with... I wish the best for him, he's clearing upset with something and if he's not happy....go find that happiness.
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    Get this BOZO out of here. What a temper tantrum millennial. Last picture is him in a LeBron jersey... what a coincidence!
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    People that use the term woke and talk about cancel culture are undoubtedly the biggest cry babies of them all. Archaic thinkers fearful of change and accountability. I'm heading out on vacation but I will miss my favorite sox talk historians who fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo to preserve their way of life.
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    If Max Kepler tweets something cryptic in German, I will be right there to help you guys out 😆
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    Yes, I too stan for the exploitation of minor leaguers - many of whom have made less than minimum wage and some of whom are IN the red after having to pay for their own living arrangements - because it's "how it works." Just because one is allowed to act in a demeaning way without repercussions does not mean they should.
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    TLR shit all over him publicly after a 3-0 pitch. He was on fucking fire leading up to that moment. Everything went down hill for him from there. None of us have any idea how he took that mentally, so you can't really say there is zero possibility what TLR did had any impact on him. Clearly things changed for him after that moment. Maybe it was TLR crusty old ass, or it was the league adjusting to him, or he was never that good in the first place. We probably will never know and only Yermin knows for sure. Hopefully he's ok mentally. That's the most important thing.
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    This is not aimed at any poster in particular. But the fact that basically one hot week from Moncada can bring this round of recriminations and reversals speaks volumes to the depth of analysis behind the Moncada "hate." There's no reason to change your fundamental opinion of Moncada based on three HRs or a short hot streak. He was awesome before and he's still awesome.
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    Yoan Moncada is currently ranks 30th of qualified hitters in terms of wRC+ at 136. He’s also ranked 29th in overall defensive value and 17th in fWAR. He’s currently on pace for a 5 to 6 win season. His ceiling may be higher simply because he’s one of the most physically gifted players in the game, but he’s hands down been our best position player and one of the best in baseball. The hot takes in this thread about him are an absolute abomination.
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    All those praising Kopech for his candor and honesty on mental health issues need to view Yermin through the same lens. This has been brewing for a long time and is more than just "drama" or "immaturity". Yermin a good dude.
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    As many people have mentioned, this is just a very bad take. He signed a contract with the White Sox. They are thus far the only organization to give him a shot at the ML level. He gave them an incredible start to the season, and the White Sox did plenty to help turn him into a star. The LaRussa stuff happened and I've made my thoughts very clear on that. However, Yermin going back down to AAA was all on Yermin. If anything, the Sox gave him more rope than normal seeing as he really can't play a position and if he's only paid to hit, batting .140 or whatever he did from May on probably isn't going to keep you on a lot of ML rosters. But most importantly...handle yourself like a professional. Ask the team for a trade. I'd be shocked if Hahn and Co. wouldn't try and seek that out for him. Don't bail and "retire" because you're unhappy, then have your family members take to social media to explain the situation. Because this doesn't seem like a mental thing at this point, it seems like a "I'm not a AAA ball player anymore, this is bullshit, I want to play somewhere else and since I haven't gotten my way, I'm going to take my ball and go home." type situation, which I just can't get behind.
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    I get it. Its unfortunate for Yermin. But he's the guy who's production fell of a cliff, and he's the guy that cannot play a position well enough to be anything other than a beer league softball player defensively. These are things he can improve on, and if so, he has a role on an mlb club. Maybe that isn't with the Sox, but if he kept raking in AAA instead of throwing a public temper tantrum and quitting, he would have gotten an opportunity somewhere at some point even if he never improved defensively. I like Yermin. I hope he cools off, has a chance of heart and the Sox grant him another opportunity down in AAA. But the Sox aren't the bad guys here man. I know you have strong feelings about labor laws in mlb, and that is fine. I don't disagree with some of what you're saying - but this is all stuff they agreed to in their contracts, and the upside for them in quite literally financial freedom for life and their children's lives. Expecting the Sox to just willy nilly grant releases to disgruntled player is asinine.
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    What an impressive number of mental health experts on this board
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    When Grandal went down, Yermin thought he should go up. Didn't happen. Zavalo got the call, and Yermin is obviously the better hitter. So he came apart. That's my simple analysis. He can still recover and come back somewhere next year. Of course, he should have stayed and just continued mashing.
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    I can't stand Tony LaRussa and would like to blame him for everything that I think is wrong in the world, but at some point .150/.220/.196 in 118 plate appearances is on the player. If that one incident, where I think LaRussa couldn't have been more wrong, caused that, Yermin isn't mentally capable of being a major leaguer.
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    Your generation destroyed the economy and the environment so maybe you shouldn't be ripping others, pal. You also invented participation trophies and raised the generation that you deem soft. Hmmmm you are who raised you.
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    Yermin stats in the 14 games leading up to the 3-0 HR off Austudillo in Minnesota: 49 Plate Appearances 11 Hits 4 Walks 0 HR 1 2B 1 3B OPS .568 The regression began way before that incident
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    Yermin is batting 4th and catching for Charlotte tonight.
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    No, that's not actually how the world works. One size does not in fact fit all. And teams can release any minor leaguer they want whenever they want - the players have zero protections in the minors. Yet people here are claiming the player should have to play it out. I hope all these same posters are up in arms when the teams release minor leaguers mid-season. But they aren't because hypocrisy runs deep in the world of athletic contracts. Players are supposed to be selfless teammates sacrificing for the greater good while ownership are ruthless and selfish treating players as assets first and only.
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    Yeah, gonna disagree here. The Sox don't owe Yermin shit. Some people dislike it, but these dudes are assets owned by an organization. Yermin 24 hours ago likely had some value, especially with 6 years of control. I wouldn't give that away if I were the Sox either. Now? He has none. So maybe he gets his way eventually and the Sox release him. But I can promise you he eliminated most if not all of his potential employers in the process.
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    There is literally nothing worse than spreading some rumor of this magnitude on a message board with zero evidence or facts to support it. This type of accusatory nonsense is honestly shameful and has no business being spouted. And trusting CPD gossip boys at that. Jaysus.
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