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    Caulfield: God help the Sox if they do these things. Also Caulfield: The under .500 Padres might be ok next year due to a AA pitcher that regressed and several pitchers coming back from severe injuries.
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    Why do the Braves need to bring racism into baseball? Some of us would like to just enjoy the games.
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    Is there a problem with your spellcheck?
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    3 war first baseman is the least of our problems.
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    I mean, sure, in hindsight this all seems crystal clear, but: - Is a 0.52 ERA sustainable? Probably not. But I'd argue that just as few people anticipated an ERA over 5 the rest of the way. - I feel like the closer vs non-closer argument didn't really gain traction until well after the trade when we were looking for answers for his struggles. - He had 39 appearances in the 2021 season with the Cubs, but only 19 of those were vs the NL Central. And if you want to remove the Reds from that, as your point indicates, 14 of his 39 appearances were against the rest of the weak hitting NL Central. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/gl.fcgi?id=kimbrcr01&t=p&year=2021 Was it a bad trade? Of course. It turned out to be an absolutely awful trade. You could argue they gave up too much, ignored larger areas of need at the deadline in favor of this, and stubbornly mismanaged Kimbrel down the stretch and I'd completely agree with you. But I'm not on board with the argument that they should have foreseen this type of implosion coming for the reasons you say.
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    If we sign a LEGIT RF or 2B, I am fine with the other being in-house or dumpster dive signing. Ala, if we sign Semien for 2B, I am fine with Engel/Sheets. If we sign Conforto, I am fine with Leury/Romy/Hernandez
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    You would think that it would always have been in Managements best interests to make sure at the very least their investments had basic housing. You would think. thank you for doing the bare minimum, MLB. I look forward to finding out later that you fucked this up too
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    Craig Kimbrel and Matthew Thompson for Gavin Lux
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    Billy Hamilton played every day in games 2-7. He then went on the injured list. He then played in 4 of the next 5 games after returning. So your stat…doesn’t tell that story. Nick Williams was your number 5 hitter in a division game with Bieber on the mound. Is that not a key role?
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    Ok Didn't say it wasn't; try reading closer. Yep, but it's a substantially smaller gap than it used to be. Here's one article, of dozens available, explaining this: https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2018/9/21/17885820/pitch-framing-strike-zone-jorge-alfaro-tyler-flowers Didn't say it was -- but it's a nearly universal consensus (and was at the time of the White Sox signing) that Grandal is/was elite at the former and terrible at the latter -- and that happens to be who we're talking about. It seems like you had a particular-shaped complaint that you wanted to fit my post into ahead of time. I don't even have a problem with Grandal on this team, lol. All of the teams that are employing specifically those players? The two teams in the ALCS are good examples, but you can find more.
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    Situated just blocks from the west coast of Lake Michigan . . .
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    Cause he’s injured a lot, can’t block pitches in the dirt, calls a mediocre game (partially due to his inability to block in the dirt), and his framing is overrated. I don’t think anyone hates on his ability on the offensive side of things.
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    For a minute there I actually thought you had insider information as if you were a member of the Sox front office, but sorry you lost me when you stated "namely Keuchel and some of the Spanish guys".
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    It’s real. Rent storage space and stock up. Later you can sell your surplus at a profit. Toilet paper is the next Bitcoin of investors.
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    Normally I'm out on most of the guys you bring up as posting (though I love the posts), I'm very in here. Does he hit the ball on the ground 😁
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    Again, to repeat...Garret Crochet pitched 2 times in back to back outings the entire season and gave up runs both times. His 3rd back to back outing was in game 2, and he allowed 2 inherited runners to score. That should not have been surprising at all. Michael Kopech threw 47 pitches in game 3. Tony LaRussa himself said before the game that he was unavailable for game 4, and then somehow he was the first guy out of the bullpen 44 hours later, and expected to get a guy out, go back to the bench, and then come out for a second inning? All season, he never had fewer than 2 full days off after any 30+ pitch outing. He had literally never been pushed that aggressively all season. That was also his second longest outing since his injury, next to the 51 pitches he threw on the final game of the season. You cannot blame these guys for failing when they are used like this, in ways they either did not prepare for all year or in ways they struggled in during rare opportunities during the regular season.
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    Yes, I would say that is entirely possible. They gave up 14 runs, can they cut that in half? Let's look at the numbers and all the red flags. First and foremost, the White Sox's strategy coming into this series was to be extremely well rested, and they were willing to sacrifice seeding and matchups for it. This strategy did not work. Despite their guys being better rested, they were outperformed in every aspect of the game - pitching, hitting, and defense, and teams that did not have the last 2 months to coast are still playing in the postseason. This should absolutely call into question the strategy of trying to be the best rested team rather than pushing harder for seeding down the stretch. Is it a coincidence that pitchers who got extra rest and fewer innings down the stretch struggled to find the strike zone, or was that rust? There's an old joke in some other fields that a strategy "Cannot fail, it can only be failed" - resting guys extra down the stretch shouldn't be some topic that we can never question when we just watched it not work. Second, Giolito and Rodon gave up 4 runs on red flag plays. Giolito should not have been allowed to get in trouble once it got to the 5th inning, he was pulled at least 1 batter too late, and that was a concern. Worse, no one has said that "Bringing in Crochet on a back to back outing" was a good idea, literally everyone assumed he was unavailable after pitching the night before, and some people said it was a shame to use him in a game that was out of reach since it meant he couldn't pitch in game 2. Could that knock 2 runs off? Similarly, Rodon gave everything he had through the Alvarez at bat, and when he tried to throw a high fastball by Correa on the third pitch, he couldn't get it high or hard enough. Yes, pitch calling there was confusing, but overall Rodon should not have been in that game at that point. The rule for both of those guys should have been "Empty the tank, and we will not let you lose this game". That's potentially 4 runs. Finally, Lance Lynn should not have pitched on the road in Houston. This was the most obvious red flag coming into this series, it was obvious after his outing in June. Whether that means moving him to game 3 or actually going for Home Field Advantage, he had a career ERA over 5 in Houston and an ERA in the low 3s against the same team at home. Furthermore, Lynn himself complained afterwards about the game plan, which involved him throwing like Lance Lynn always does against a team that hits fastballs well. Could that cut a couple runs off what Lynn gave up, or gotten a few more innings out of him? I fully believe he has a better game if he pitched at home, and it sure seems like changing something up against this team would have benefited him. Cutting 6 or 7 runs off what they gave up - certainly possible, and that's without considering other things like defensive positioning, which we also saw to be important. Every one of those had a red flag saying "do not let this guy lose this way", and that's exactly how they lost. There are other confusing moves throughout this series - having Kopech come into game 4 less than 48 hours after he threw a 50 pitch outing still seems inexplicably bizarre. The 2 pitchers I'm ok with criticizing and saying "They needed to be better" are Cease and Kimbrel. Even though Kimbrel got hurt by the coaching staff also by moving Leury to RF, both of those guys were put out there in situations where they needed to be better and they weren't.
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    Boston should not have been allowed to remain as first base coach. That is on Rich Hahn and Kenny Williams, and Reinsdorf, if he knew about the rape allegations. At the end of the day, the GM is ultimately responsible for the day to day operation of the team. Hahn presided over years of ineffective Managing by Robin Ventura who had no business being a Manager in the first place. Hahn also knew about LaRoach having his kid in the dugout , on the training field and did nothing about it. He then sat by idly as KW finally confronted LaRoach man to man and cleaned it up. Hahn also shirked from confronting Chris Sale and Adam Eaton for their antics. Hahn proved himself to be a coward and a blowhard. Multiple championships? OK.
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    Do you think the White Sox are way less talented than the Astros? I think they got stomped because of poor coaching and preparation. If you think the elite teams are way more talented than the white Sox, then you are telling me they’re not that far above the rest of the division. I think they have a clear talent advantage but a clear organizational disadvantage. That means for me, I think they need every scrap of talent they can get to overcome it. Id be ok with Romy in a Leury role and I’m sure there’s at bats for him in that role if he earns it, but it’s not worth risking the whole season results on him being more.
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    Hinch and Cora should have gotten 2 year suspensions. Every player on the 2017 Astros and 2018 Red Sox should have been fined 50 games pay, but allowed to play since some of them were on new teams. Both WS titles should have been vacated. All statistics from both teams should have been erased.
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    Hinch should have been banned from baseball for life for managing a team he knew was cheatiing. That is potentially worse than gambling on baseball. Gambling, if one bets to lose and throws games, as was the (unproven) allegation in the Black Sox scandal, is worse, but what the Astros did was outrageous. Hinch and Cpra should not be in the league. The investigation into the Astros cheating should have been turned over to the FBI given that baseball now involves legal gambling and the implications for that cheating were far greater than they were in 1919. How about all the money law lawfully bet on games by sports betters who had no know;edge that the Astros had a decided edge from cheating? LaRussa did as well as any Manager would have given the circumstances - prominent players injured (Robert, Eloy, Madrigal, Grandal), and a pitching staff that under-performed based on expectations. That entire episode where LaRussa was upset when Mercedes ignored a take sign to show up an opponent was overblown and people who chided LaRussaa were wrong, dead wrong. Compare what Boston Manager Cora did when Rodriguez mimicked Carlos Correa last night. He . like LaRussa, did not countenance conduct by a player who took it upon himself to show up the opposition. Mercedes was actually more blatant given his refusal to obey a take sign to embellish his own statistics.
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    He is a defensive hole, expensive, a 2.4 bWAR player. 2015-2021 bWAR: 2.1; 0.6; 3.7; 2.7; 3.6; 2.1; 0.9. 2015-2021 dWAR: 0.8, -0.2, -0.5, -1.0, -0.7, -0.1, -0.9. Hard Pass.
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    To say it again, when your top OFs include Eloy, Engle, Eaton, Robert, and Hamilton - you cannot go "how on Earth did we wind up playing our 8th outfielder batting 5th against our key division foe no one could ever have foreseen this". If you are stocking your lineup with guys who are injury prone, you must overspend on depth. It is not an accident when all these guys get hurt altogether. Same exact statement in the rotation. If Carlos Rodon, Reynaldo Lopez, Dallas Keuchel, and Michael Kopech are guys you're counting on in your top 7 starters, you can't come to me in August and say "How did we wind up needing our 9th starter this is impossible no team could overcome this".
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