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  1. Eh, I'd probably say do it. The rebuild depends on bringing in a good arm. But hopefully it doesn't go that far.
  2. Sarava

    What is a realistic payroll ceiling for the sox?

    8 teams last year were 168+ mil payrolls. If the Sox don't reach there, that likely means Moncada and/or Giolito walk or get traded at some point. For now I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, since they have in the past skirted with a top 5 payroll. We'll see if they do that again.
  3. Sarava

    Cole Hamels to the Braves, 1 year $18 Million.

    Oh I think Wheeler will sign long before the Boras big guns. I was just pointing out a reason why he probably doesn't want to wait for Cole and Strasburg to sign. Wheeler has interest coming from every direction right now. He should strike while the iron is hot - wherever that is. Hopefully the Sox for our sake.
  4. Sarava

    Cole Hamels to the Braves, 1 year $18 Million.

    The problem there is that he might have to wait until March+ if he waits out the 2 Boras pitchers.
  5. I'll be impressed if the Sox manage to land Wheeler. It feels like 1/3 of baseball is after him hard. I won't blame the Sox if they lose out on this one. It is not the same as the Machado fiasco from last year. That said, they need to have plans B, C & D lined up for if/when Zack signs with another team.
  6. If they signed Wheeler and Hamels, then added a guy like Castellanos. Add a bullpen arm or two, and I might just call the Sox the team to beat in the central.
  7. Don't want Keuchel. I could see him being our #4 starter by August or September.
  8. I think 17.5 is too much for Hamels, but I like your thinking otherwise.
  9. On a whole it's good additions. But it falls way short for starting pitching and keeps the Sox from being contenders as a result.
  10. That would be disgusting. If the Sox fail on Wheeler, then they should explore the trade market.
  11. Sarava

    A Realistic Offseason

    Castellanos and its not even close. His defense is improving. Mancini might be a trainwreck out there. Plus we'd have to give up Dunning or something valuable to get Mancini.
  12. Sarava

    Extend Yoan Moncada

    I'm hoping they lock him up this winter as well. It would be a lot pricier than Eloy's was for sure, but they can give him 100 million + reasons to want to do it now.
  13. I think Wheeler is definitely a risky gamble. His Tommy John kept him out quite a bit longer than most Tommy John's seem to keep guys out. But he's had 2 great seasons since then. Honestly though, I think Cole at 250 mil is probably a lesser risk than Wheeler at 110. I just don't think Cole is gettable, since the Angels would likely match an offer around 250, and he'd likely choose going home.
  14. Sarava

    Sox in on Marcell Ozuna? I mean, maybe. Or not.

    I thought I had heard he has a bad arm, stemming from a nagging shoulder injury. Just stuff I heard second-hand, I don't watch the NL much.
  15. Restaurants are tough to make successful, especially if not chain affiliated. But he probably could of picked a better town for this restaurant than Berwyn.
  16. I never indicated such a notion. I just can't read Zack Wheeler's mind, unlike a few of you guys apparently. For all I know, he might have it in his head that he wants to go to a specific team, town or state. Who the hell knows.
  17. We have no idea what the Sox have offered or if Zack is even willing to sign here.
  18. Sarava

    Strasburg officially opts out

    Although it's hard to argue with his dominance this past post-season. If you're going to blow your wad on a stud #1, I'd rather do it on Gerrit Cole. He's younger and has been more durable over the years.
  19. Sarava

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Or splurge for Cole/Strasburg. It would be neat if Jerry did that just once. Twice if you count Joey Belle.
  20. Sarava

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    I wonder if they would consider Cole if Wheeler passes on the Sox? Because it seems to fall off a cliff after Wheeler, especially if one thinks Madbum will go to an NL team or team closer to his home in North Carolina. I do not want them spending money on Keuchel.
  21. Sarava

    $250M to burn

    That's not how it works. Grandal and Abreu are already 35+ mil per year, which is beyond what Machado makes. It's about dollars per season, not total dollars for the life of the contracts. Your post is spinning numbers.
  22. Sarava

    Sox in on Marcell Ozuna? I mean, maybe. Or not.

    I'm in the sign Castellanos camp. Make him work his butt off on defense in spring training. The Sox have serious potential to have a ridiculous offense. Castellanos will help us get there.
  23. Sarava

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Yep, and he was overplayed for a good while, which seemed to leave him gassed in the second half. I think McCann and Grandal both being here will prevent them both from getting gassed too early.
  24. Avi only looks better if it's because they blew their wad on Gerrit Cole. But I would prefer Avi or Puig. Yuck. I hope the Sox aren't considering him.
  25. Sarava

    One thing I can not get over..

    You're putting way too much emphasis on strikeouts. The game has evolved. The 70s are over, but Archie Bunker says hi.