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    Wheeler will be the tough one. If I had to bet, I'd say he will be the free agent with the most teams interested in him. Everyone needs pitching and most cant afford Cole or Strasburg. He's the next prize.
  2. Sarava

    JDM staying in Boston

    Probably a similar need, given the Sox had the worst DH numbers in the AL.
  3. Sarava

    Ian Happ?

    Something along the lines or Lopez for Schwarber might interest me. Especially if it means the Sox would unload the money truck on starting pitching.
  4. Sarava

    JDM staying in Boston

    I'd love that. I'd just be shocked if Strasburg actually leaves the Nats. I don't think we should look at that as anything but highly unlikely (like less than a 1% chance).
  5. Sarava

    JDM staying in Boston

    My gut says he doesn't opt out. He has until tomorrow. I think if he was opting out, he would of done it already (as some Boras guys already have like Strasburg). Boras and JD might worry that he doesn't even get the $62.5 mil he is owed out on the free agent market. That or maybe he doesn't want to play for the teams that likely would offer him a good contract (like the Sox?).
  6. Sarava

    JDM staying in Boston

    I think he worded that wrong. The only way the Sox would trade for JD is if he doesn't opt out - in which case, he's already signed. And as we discussed before, the Sox might prefer something like this. It would probably be a lesser dollar commitment required that signing him if he opts out. Just don't give up any of our top 7 or 8 prospects for him and I'm fine.
  7. Sarava

    Predict the Market: FA Contracts

    For sure. But there's definitely a chance they don't want him back. Would Theo swallow his pride and trade him back to the Sox? Or does that stir up too much bs for him? Quintana straight up for Jonathan Stiever. Who says no? For the OP - most of the prices seem about right. I thought Puig's was actually too high. I'm going to be annoyed if the Sox sign Puig.
  8. This is a bit of a punch to the gut right as we're getting close to free agency and such.
  9. Sarava

    Cole or Strasburg?

    I'm sure Strasburg will opt out. But it's kind of hard to imagine him not re-signing with the Nats.
  10. Sarava

    JDM staying in Boston

    It surprised me how quickly the fans seemingly let it go over that Machado fiasco. I thought a grudge was going to be held over that, but that didn't seem to be the case. I do think the Sox plan on spending this winter. But at the same time, you can see from the fan posts and such, that everyone has limited their expectations. Nobody seems to expect Strasburg or Cole, even though Sox fans probably deserve one of them more than any fans in MLB.
  11. Sarava

    JDM staying in Boston

    Ouch no thanks. Not giving up Cease just to have Betts here one season. That kind of move would kill the rebuild.
  12. Sarava

    JDM staying in Boston

    I could see the Sox preferring this. $62.5 mil is a lot less to commit than say $80 mil would be. It probably wouldn't cost much in trade value, because of limited suitors and Boston likely needs to lose his salary.
  13. Sarava

    Comeback POY

    The only thing I can think of, is that they see it as he came back to match his once high status as the top pitching prospect in baseball? But yeah, most improved, of course. I just don't see how he fits this award.
  14. Not speaking for him, but I would put Lopez in the bullpen. OR let it be known he's on his last leg as a starter, and if he has a bad April....But we're obviously not getting both Cole and Wheeler. We'll be lucky to get one of them.
  15. Sarava

    A Realistic Offseason

    I'm in agreement that the Sox need to be focusing more on RF, DH, a TOR starter and maybe a bullpen arm or two - all before even thinking of replacing McCann. It's just not at the top of the list of needs. And it's certainly the easiest of the 8 positions to accept lesser hitting, if you are getting good defense and he is calling good games.
  16. Sarava

    2nd Generation Rebuild

    The odds of winning a trade of Moncada seems very low to me. I think the risk massively outweighs the potential reward. Just my opinion.
  17. Same with me. I wouldn't even be comfortable with the Sox giving him $80 mil, let alone $160 mil. That's crazy. Avi might be the better option, then use the bulk of the cash on JD Martinez and starting pitching.
  18. Sarava

    A Realistic Offseason

    I agree that Tim would have to be on board with this. You don't want to create a negative situation.
  19. Sarava

    A Realistic Offseason

    I agree with this. I actually suggested this maybe a month ago. Didn't seem like many others liked the idea at the time. I suspect Tim would be very good in right field. A lot of his problems at shortstop seem to be his throwing. He like to fling the ball off balanced to first. On rush plays I get it, but he also does it sometimes when he has plenty of time to plant and throw, but he chooses not to. The great thing is, if they decided to go that route, they could have him start to work on it in the off-season and then would have the full spring training as well. I think a move like this would bring a tremendous team defensive improvement. TIm would probably play a good RF/CF, and you'd likely get far better defense at shortstop as well.
  20. My original reply was based on your comment that 'despite them being instant upgrades'. Well here's some news for you, pretty much everybody is an instant upgrade over the garbage we had in RF (and DH) last year. People need to stop using that as an excuse to pump the tires on mediocre players (as you did in your first reply to me). And don't put words in my mouth again.
  21. They ripped my heart out last winter. And you know what? I lived. I'll gladly over-psyche myself up again and hope the outcome is different again. It's more fun to live and think that way.
  22. We'll have a better idea on that answer sometime in the next 5 months.
  23. Phew...you scared me there. It's funny you mentioned Jack Parkman. I thought it was a very Parkman-esque post. Good job there. And I agree. I bag on Reinsdorf for being cheap as much as anyone, but I'm going to believe until shown otherwise. He broke his mold with Luis Robert, and I think it's time to break some other molds this winter. At least one particular mold that has been idle for the last 23 years.
  24. With occasional average payrolls? Why is everyone lowering their sites so much? The Sox have had good payrolls before the last handful of years. There's no reason to expect any less now.
  25. Whoa, we're you just calling for Zack Wheeler a few days ago? Why all of the sudden do you expect this winter to be a big flop?