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    Eloy Jimenez

    https://theathletic.com/349056/2018/05/10/how-is-the-eloy-jimenez-deal-working-out-for-the-white-sox-quite-well-thanks/ Article just posted to the Athletic, mostly on Eloy, but based off how the Q trade is working out so far. Among other things, Eloy says about Birmingham : He’s too good for Double-A, a level Jiménez says is not easy, but also “is not challenging me.”
  2. Sarava

    5/9 Games

    I'm not comfortable with messing with Eloy. He's our future more than anyone. Unless he gets to the point of being Schwarber or Delmonico bad in LF (and from what I understand, he's not even close to them), then I say just leave him there.
  3. Sarava

    FS: White Sox Draft Cheat Sheet (Rabbit)

    It feels like the Sox are getting some bad luck with where their their picks fall. Last year year it felt like the draft dropped off significantly at the Sox pick (#11), which led to the underslot pick of Jake Burger. This year, as has been indicated here and elsewhere, there probably isn't a big difference between #4 and #11. That was a great article and I thank you for the super read!
  4. Sarava

    5/9 Games

    I don't know what's been said. I assumed since his injury was mid to late last year that we wouldn't see him until 2019.
  5. Sarava

    Kopech vs. Cubs Saturday? UPDATE: Nope.

    I would say Eloy is more likely than Kopech. Despite being in a lower league, he feels more ready.
  6. Sarava

    Kopech vs. Cubs Saturday? UPDATE: Nope.

    I don't believe this. That's kind of throwing him to the wolves to debut at Wrigley in the crosstown classic. The idea isn't to make it as pressure filled as possible.
  7. Sarava

    Trust the process

    I wasn't in any way suggesting to bring anyone up before they are ready. I figure those guys probably will be ready within a few months. And yeah, the Sox will have to pay someone to get them to come here. What I'm more getting at is this. Say the Yankees offer Machado 300 mil and the Sox offer him 340 mil. I could easily see him going with the Yankees offer. The Sox aren't the Cubs. They don't have the national draw. And they also don't have a connection to Machado, that Theo had with Lester. So that's a little bit of apples to oranges.
  8. Sarava

    Trust the process

    Last year was a weird free agent year, and if you're referring to Eric Hosmer, it was widely reported that he didn't have a whole lot of options. A Manny Machado will probably have 5+ teams willing to pay him 300+ mil. At that point, he likely will choose the destination that makes him the most comfortable.
  9. Sarava

    Trust the process

    That is why we need to see Eloy and Kopech up sometime in the next few months. Show the potential free agents that something special is coming here.
  10. Sarava

    5/6 Games, Kopech start

    Eloy is something else. I'm so anxious for him to make his way to Chicago.
  11. Sarava

    Ricky’s boys don’t quit!

    I don't see it happening. A month from now we could have Rodon and Kopech in the rotation. Might be a whole different team then.
  12. Sarava

    Alec Hansen

    Hahn mentioned his forearm soreness has subsided and he will start bullpen sessions next week https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/news/white-sox-wont-rush-michael-kopech-to-majors/c-274730372
  13. Sarava

    Anderson to CF?

    He certainly has the athleticism to play CF. But I don't see it happening unless Machado signs here.
  14. Sarava

    Renteria's mom passed away, will miss 2 games

    He will actually miss 3 games since Saturday is a DH. Condolences to Rick and his family.
  15. Sarava

    Trust the process

    They have some far out promotions. For example, the Star Wars night. If you buy tickets through their link, you get a Star Wars/Sox beanie, the hawk solo bobblehead and can walk around the warning track in a mini parade before the game. That's a lot of extras to entice people.
  16. Sarava

    What Can Be Done to Fix this Mess?

    Well said.
  17. Sarava

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    That's a good point. Makes me wonder if Hahn went too far with this tank stuff. Yeah... yay we might have the #2 pick in the draft next summer. And then all the free agents will laugh and hang up when the Sox call this this winter.
  18. Sarava

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    If Yoan was benched for dogging it, I support that. This is how he will learn his lesson.
  19. Sarava

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    The good news is, the Sox have a 5 game series with KC next weekend. They're even worse than the Sox. Some wins are coming.
  20. Sarava

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    Well, we should hope Coop would be able to help him. The guy is a hot mess right now.
  21. Sarava

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    Great start...uggh
  22. Yeah, it's bizarre that they wouldn't at least put a retractable roof on a baseball stadium up there.
  23. Sarava

    The Jason Benetti and Sox Announcing Thread

    I think Benetti is alright. He sounds like a well trained announcer. But that's a lot of why I always liked Hawk, that he had an actual personality and wasn't your standard boring announcer. Yeah I prefer Hawk, but I knew it would be a drop-off no matter who they brought in. It could have been worse.
  24. Sarava

    1st Homestand weather

    QUOTE (flavum @ Apr 4, 2018 -> 10:57 AM) Starting the season with a 4-city trip every year will never happen. Teams won’t go for it. Imagine starting 4-8 on the road before the home opener...not happening. This is just an unfortunate year. Nothing more, nothing less. The reason this wont happen is not because of the potential visiting northern teams. They'd all be for it. Playing on the road isn't that hard where you would normally only win 4 of 12 games. What would stop it is the dome and southern teams. As much as it's more playable in their ballparks. They all sell tickets better in the summer and they simply won't give up their summer dates to accommodate northern teams in March or April.
  25. Out of curiosity, is there a date where draft pick compensation no longer applies? Like opening day or May 1st, etc. ....?