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    Should the white sox buy a prospect?

    QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Feb 2, 2018 -> 12:24 PM) Why would this be the case? Payroll would still be low. I was replying to the comment that the Sox wouldn't spend any real money until Kemp's contract is off the books - which would be in 2 years. Thus it would mean the Sox aren't players for Machado or others next winter.
  2. Sarava

    Should the white sox buy a prospect?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 2, 2018 -> 12:05 PM) A guy like Kemp would be off of the books before we would be spending in any real amount again anyway. For starters - it looks to me like he has 2 years left on his deal? So we're conceding that they aren't even trying for a free agent in next year's big free agent class? Also, even if it were off the books, the money is still spent. $40 million is still $40 mil. It's going to eventually come out of something. The Sox don't have an infinite amount of money to spend.
  3. Sarava

    Should the white sox buy a prospect?

    Unless the prospect coming back is a Luis Robert caliber prospect (and it won't be), then the Sox should pass. Save their money for next winter.
  4. Sarava

    Sox expecting to open '18 with both Avi and Abreu

    If Avi has a breakout season again...say around the allstar break is hitting .300-.310ish, with 15-17 HR's...I think the first thing the Sox should do is explore if he really wants to stay here and if so, will he sign a team friendly contract or not? It's easy for us to sit here and say, nah he wont sign anything team friendly, he's so close to free agency. But what if he has a comfort level here and doesn't want to leave? Also, right now they are squibbling over whether he gets 5.7 or 6.7 mil this year. In other words, he's yet to get seriously paid in his career. If the Sox offer him like a 6yr/100mil deal...the lifetime of security might be hard to pass up.
  5. Sarava

    Marlins/Pirates may have violated spending rules

    QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Jan 29, 2018 -> 07:37 AM) Didn't have time to check out the article, but how do you pinpoint that their spending doesn't come from a certain area of revenue? There's revenue sharing, ticket sales, network deals, concessions, etc. How can you pinpoint what area the spending is coming from? I believe it's that they aren't spending much on player salaries, period. Both teams are dumping large salaries without trying to replace them in any way. The purpose of revenue sharing is so small market teams can be competitive with larger market teams for paying player salaries. It's not for the owner's of small market teams to pocket that money, as is seemingly being alleged in these 2 cases.
  6. QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Jan 20, 2018 -> 08:47 AM) No way I’m trading Hansen. Cease and Rutherford I could get behind, but not much after that. I agree. Hansen is off limits.