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    The Blake Snell Thread

    I wouldn't make a move for Snell. I wouldn't like our chances of winning a trade with Tampa. And if you do give up Kopech and Vaughn, and then Snell doesn't work out (he's only thrown more than 129 IP once)...you may of just ruined the rebuild with this trade. Just open up the checkbook Jerry and sign Bauer. Then we have a more reliable #1 than Snell, and we get to keep Vaughn and Kopech.
  2. Sarava

    Some much needed good news - Crochet

    Good news....for now
  3. I do think TLR should resign. And I hope he does. But taking this to complaining to advertisers seems overboard. And ultimately could really hurt this franchise long-term if any of them actually pull their advertising from the Sox (doubtful).
  4. Sarava

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Signing Trevor Bauer would be a nice silver lining.
  5. Sarava

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    It would feel weird to me to hire Tony La Russa when he's almost 80. But eh, if they do, they do. Hopefully big spending comes this winter with whatever managerial decision is made. That's the more thing here And if they do hire TLR, man that will bring me back to my childhood. I was 11 years old in the right field upper deck on the day they clinched the division in 83. Those are some great memories.
  6. Sarava

    Mazara and Right Field Thread

    The difference is, Mazara was already at a point of his team giving up on him before COVID hit him and his performance slipped. The Sox need to find something better.
  7. Sarava

    Convince Me: Marcus Stroman

    Didn't Stroman opt out in 2020? What makes anyone think he wont do that again next year? The pandemic isn't going to go poof and go away, no matter what our president says.
  8. Sarava

    Shifts could be endangered

    Shifting has always happened, but it's spiraled out of control in recent years. I guess I'll be the lone one in support of this if it happens. I've always found it lame to stack one side of the infield. Put the onus back on the pitcher to not let the hitter get hard contact.
  9. Sarava

    What would you have done ...

    I think it's way easier for us to sit here Monday morning quarterbacking and say we would of quit or blown it open. But in real life, you don't narc on your team and co-workers. I suspect most of us would of done similar to what AJ did.
  10. Sarava

    Will the Front Office Fire Renteria?

    As someone else said, my heart says yes, but my head is skeptical. But I'll take the leap of faith and say yes. They've invested so much in this rebuild. Why would you let an idiot steer the ship with so much on the line?
  11. Sarava

    Pitchers for game 3

    The Yankees would be favorites if they played the Sox. But the Sox absolutely could beat them. Baseball is weird. You're hot for 5 games, then ice cold. If the Sox start playing like they did 3-4 weeks ago, they can roll through any team.
  12. Why would anyone want Maddon? The Cubs won the series in 2016 despite his bad managing, not because of it. If the Sox win today, this discussion is moot. They won't can him if he wins a playoff series.
  13. Sarava

    Eloy might not be ready for first playoff series

    It would be nice if he could at least DH, to give us some thump in the lineup.
  14. The Sox are division champs if Ricky doesn't give that game away against Cleveland. If the playoffs don't go well, I'd guess he is gone.
  15. They were kind of light on Ricky. A lifetime ban seems more appropriate.
  16. wtf Grandal. How did this guy get sold as a top defensive catcher?
  17. Sarava

    Fire Ricky

    I would agree that he's more likely to come back than get canned. But to say zero percent chance is not accurate. The world isn't just black or white. For all we know, KW, Reinsdorf or Hahn could be sitting there watching the games getting pissed off just like all us fans are at all his headscratching decisions. Ricky's experimenting with Rodon might very well cause the Sox to play the Yankees in the first round, instead of hosting the Blue Jays or Astros. And most of all, Reinsdorf has invested a lot in this rebuild. If they don't feel like he's the guy to lead it, this winter is the time to make the move. You can't assume the window is going to be open wider 2 or 3 years down the line. Other rebuild teams have come to later realize that their initial spurts of success were their best chances.
  18. Someone tell Ricky that we're not tanking anymore
  19. Sarava

    So many here treat baseball like football

    I don't want to say I'm glad this slump is happening. But I felt it coming for a while, and they kept winning through it. As others have said, they had some slumps in 2005, including late in the season when it was pretty close to the playoffs. Maybe it's good that this happened now, instead of a week from now. I still like out chances in the playoffs. Getting this team right is way more important than the seeding. If the Sox end up going to NYY in the first round, then so be it.
  20. Sarava

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    Yeah, I followed up my post about that. You must of missed it.
  21. Sarava

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    A recent interview has him softening his stance on insisting for a one year deal. And I did forget about the throwing the ball to centerfield thing...I guess that was disruptive. Anyway, I think he would be the best possible addition this winter.
  22. Sarava

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    I'd love him to sign here. He'd give us the #1 starter that we need, and would probably be an amazing mentor for our young pitchers. I haven't seen anything he does that disrupts his team, nor has anything ever been suggested as far as I know.
  23. Sarava

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

    Something about bringing Q back entices me. Maybe I'm foolish and am thinking he might be like his old White Sox self if he comes back. Regarding Kopech. I don't have any names in mind, but what if they dangled Kopech out there for a young stud right fielder...then signed Q? Or are we already overloaded on young guns and should concentrate on a vet for RF? Hmm.
  24. Sarava

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

    As much as I'd like to agree with you. Even with this magical season, the Sox gotta be losing their asses this year because of no fans. I don't see Reinsdorf splurging this winter. It doesn't feel like it's in his DNA, given what we are going through now. Q will probably be the perfect signing with everything in mind.
  25. Sarava

    Stiever to start Sunday

    Can't wait!