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  1. Then go and get Lynn. But find a way of doing it without trading away Dunning.
  2. If you can nab Lynn for Stiever, Adolfo and Thompson, I would do that deal. That is the Sox 7, 9 & 10 prospects. I'm guessing the Rangers would find a better offer though.
  3. Dane Dunning might be the most likely to have a successful career from the list you posted. Kopech's celing is miles higher, but there's side issues with him including the amount of contractual control left. But back to Dane - the guy has been nothing but good since the Sox acquired him. He was rolling through the minors until his TJ surgery came up. His poise blew me away from his first start. I want to see more. I would absolutely move Kelly or Crochet before Dunning, though those 2 are untradable until after the World Series. I would also move our two 2 pitching prospects from the 2019 draft in Thompson (not on your list) and Dalquist, before Dunning. And here's where I disagree with the window from 2022 onward. The Sox could win the World Series this year, even without trading for Lance Lynn. Is it likely....probably not. It's probably not likely even with him. But it can happen. The window has opened. But I absolutely do not support slamming the door shut early on the rebuild window just to slightly improve our chances the first year or two. This is just fans being impatient and nothing more.
  4. I would be way more interested in Woodruff than Lynn. We 100% should not make moves that will shorten the championship contending window of this rebuild, which trading Dunning or Kopech for Lynn would do.
  5. This will be a fun weekend following these rumors. It's about time we're buyers! I'm all for going for it, as long as we don't sacrifice everything for one or two years of going for it.
  6. I know what he's done for one season + a month since his bad 2018. He's been one of the best in baseball. That doesn't make me want to push all chips in now at the expense of 2022 and beyond. I agree we are one TOR pitcher short. Find a guy with a little longer control, and then I'd be on board making a move.
  7. Maybe I'm not as convinced he is great as you are. He wasn't great when he was in our division. His postseason numbers aren't great. And then what about 2022? Do we not care about 2022 and beyond? 2022 is probably the year the Sox most likely contend for a title. I'm willing to move Dunning or Kopech for the right deal, but they need to find that deal. Lance Lynn is not it IMO.
  8. Eh, that is kind of a rental. He would be gone after next year. He wouldn't be here for most of our likely championship window.
  9. In the end, Dunning is expected to be part of this team's Championship rotation (hopefully), probably starting next year. Trading him off leaves a big hole in the rotation after next year. Especially now that Kopech feels a little less certain than he did previously. We didn't come this far in the rebuild to make reactionary, impatient moves that will hurt our chances of winning titles.
  10. I'm not saying I know of an example they would bite on. Just that the idea of Dunning going towards Lynn would go against how Hahn has said he will approach potential trades.
  11. Haven't the Sox made it clear that any moves would be with the future in mind also? Trading one of our top pitching prospects for a glorified rental in Lynn flies in the face of that idea.
  12. Sarava

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Nick Castellanos' 1.043 OPS sure would of looked nice in our lineup. I wanted him so bad this past winter. Sigh.
  13. Sarava

    Ozzie isn't very good on the Pre/Post-Game

    Has anyone else noticed Ozzie looks like he is bleaching his skin? He has that fake whiteness to his face like Sammy Sosa has. We noticed when watching the double header on Saturday. His hands are much darker than his face. It looks weird.
  14. Sarava

    Stone targets RR?

    He kind of downplayed the effect of Keuchel's comments. It came off as weird to me. Almost like it bothered Abreu that Keuchel stepped up like that. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/white-sox/jose-abreu-dallas-keuchels-words-or-not-white-sox-would-have-played-better
  15. Sarava

    8-16 GT: Cardinals at Sox

    Back to back!
  16. The Cubs are 9-2. They aren't selling off their depth. I would be interested in Q when he becomes a free agent though.
  17. We keep hearing Tim will improve, but he hasn't been doing that. He's a very good hitter and seems to be a great leader on the team. Maybe he's just misplaced at shortstop?
  18. Sarava

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    I'm not giving up on this game. Go ahead if you want. But this guy should be on his last lifeline in the rotation, not as the #3.
  19. Sarava

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    It's aggravating. You put Cease in as the #3, as he belongs, and they might of taken 2 out of 3 from the Twinkies and set the tone for the season.
  20. Sarava

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    Great. Lopez sucks and he gets Eloy hurt.
  21. Sarava

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    Lopez is picking up where he left off in 2019
  22. Ozzie burned the White Sox bridge down to the ground. He won't ever manage here again.
  23. Sarava

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    I'm not sure Kopech will be much of a fan of Cooper's comments to the media. Does he really need to talk about his battles with depression and anxiety? This is the 2nd story from the top at espn.com now. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29450657/white-sox-pitching-coach-concerned-michael-kopech
  24. Sarava

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    I could see the TJ thing. The Sox probably already told him he would be used in limited capacity this year. Didn't Hahn already signal that back in the winter or spring? And for the Sox - does this open the door for them to further push him back next year. Leave him in the minors for a few months to grab yet another year. And now they have an excuse that he will not of pitched in 2 years or whatever.