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  1. 1 minute ago, wegner said:

    Winning Ugly...I love it.

    Heuer earned that W.

    I'm giving away my age here, but that win did really feel 1983-ish. I was a young child for that year. I would to see Winning ugly return!

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  2. 2 minutes ago, beautox said:

    Kinda is when he is sitting 2 top 50 prospects. We the royal WE didn't sit through this fucking rebuild to watch Nick Williams, Danny Mendick and Leury Garcia take precedence over Vaughn and Madrigal; RH has to be pissed.

    Eh, neither of them have been lighting the world afire. If they play better, they'll get more playing time. It's all good. Sox win!

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  3. 1 minute ago, beautox said:

    TLR is trash, Sox win inspite of him and the tribe's defense shitting the bed and not taking the out at first. Drunkle Tony please go home.

    What? His bullpen moves all worked out. Not TLR's fault most of the lineup is hitting .200.

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  4. To go over Hahn's 8 seasons as GM somewhat briefly. After 4 years, it wasn't working and they started the rebuild. Nobody is saying he did good in those first 4 years. The cherry on top of the first 4 failed years was the Shields trade.

    But even in those bad first 4 years... 3 very team friendly contract extensions would eventually pave the way for a hopefully successful rebuild.

    Since then, he has mostly done a great job. They were tanking hard for 3 years. In the case of those 3 rebuild years, the bad record was what they needed to do. To use bad records in tank years against Hahn is not understanding what the rebuild was about?

    And now Rick Hahn sits here with a loaded young team and he is the reigning Sporting News Executive of the Year

  5. 49 minutes ago, Texsox said:

    Ignore the rest if his track record. I get it,  that doesn't fit your narrative. 

    What team's fans would be excited about getting the White Sox front office? 28th place in wins over the past 10 years. Sign Rick Hahn and in 2032 we'll have a winner? 

    It's not my narrative,  it's the results of the teams he's put together. 

    I suspect most team's fans would trade their roster for the White Sox roster. Even with Hahn working around a cheap owner.

  6. 1 hour ago, Texsox said:

    During his time here only two teams have lost more games than the Sox.  Or on a positive note the Sox are 28th most winning franchise over the past decade!

    He might have to settle for Lowes. Actually he'd be more at home at Dollar General. 

    That ignores the young loaded team he built up. But I get it, that doesn't fit your narrative.

  7. 11 hours ago, shago said:

    The only job Hahn could get if he left is a General Manager of a Home Depot, he’s not going anywhere ... 

    I suspect Rick Hahn building this loaded young system is probably given more credit around the league than it is by some fans here. I doubt he would have a hard time finding a job in baseball.

  8. I don't know how to answer this. He's had what, 2 months in the minors, in which he didn't light anything up? Nor should he of... but it feels ridiculous to pencil him in to make a big jump right to being an impact MLB hitter.

    I would say he probably should stay in the minors for a full season. But that doesn't appear to be in the cards, since the Sox don't appear to want to pay for a DH.

  9. I can't say for sure if the Sox are improved or worse off. Dylan Cease is probably the most important player that the Sox need to come through. Because I suspect Keuchel will not only regress, but probably somewhat significantly. If he does regress and Case doesn't improve off last year, it might be a really long year for the Sox. It's unfortunate the Sox decided to get cheap with that last SP position.

  10. 5 hours ago, caulfield12 said:

    Waiting for a quote from Hahn and JR in mid-August... "we didn't exactly game plan a scenario where our starting pitchers would actually be expected to cover 700+ innings in 2021."

    Yeah. The way this team is built now, if they get an injury or two to the starting staff (as should be expected), they probably won't even make the playoffs. And that doesn't get in to expecting Cease to magically find his command under Katz.

  11. 6 hours ago, Orlando said:

    Hector is almost too convinced. Maybe Nelson Cruz is really contemplating taking the Sox offer

    It's always possible that Cruz wants a crack at a World Series before he hangs them up. Glancing over his career stats, I think his only World Series appearance was a loss in 2010 while with Texas.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    You’d basically have a complete roster if you did that and one that I’d argue is the best in the AL, but I’d be very hesitant to move Vaughn.

    Yeah. That's tough and tempting at the same time.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    At this point, I think the best we could expect is Cruz, Wainright, and a catcher signed to a minor league deal to compete against Collins.  I think that actually gives us the better group of position players and improves our SP depth, but we’d still be well behind the Yankees in that regard.  All that being said, Cruz seems like wishful thinking with Jerry crying poor amidst the pandemic.

    It would sell out our future a bit, but.... the best way to improve now might be to trade Vaughn ++ for Corbin Burnes. You then take the money you save from not spending on that last SP, and use it to sign Nelson Cruz. Then both the lineup and the starting staff are flipping loaded.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    Right now the Yankees look like the team to beat in the AL with a 50+ projected fWAR, so I figured it would be a fun exercise to do a position by position comparison to see how we stack up against them and where we must improve to narrow the gap.

    Note, this won’t be an OD roster comparison, but rather a potential end of season view to account for key call-ups or guys returning from injury.


    • 1B: Abreu vs. Voit | EVEN
    • 2B: Madrigal vs. LeMahieu | NYY++
    • SS: Anderson vs. Torres | EVEN
    • 3B: Moncada vs. Urshela | CWS+
    • LF: Jimenez vs. Frazier | CWS+
    • CF: Robert vs. Hicks | CWS+
    • RF: Eaton vs. Judge | NYY+++
    • DH: Vaugh vs. Stanton | NYY++
    • CA: Grandal vs. Sanchez | CWS++


    • IF: Mendick vs. Wade | EVEN
    • OF: Engel vs. Tauchman | NYY+
    • UT: Garcia vs. Ford | EVEN
    • BC: Collins vs. Higashioka | NYY+


    • SP1: Giolito vs. Cole | EVEN
    • SP2: Lynn vs. Severino | EVEN
    • SP3: Keuchel vs. Kluber | CWS+
    • SP4: Cease vs. Montgomery | NYY+
    • SP5: Kopech vs. German | NYY+
    • SP6: Stiever vs. Garcia | NYY+


    • CL: Hendriks vs. Chapman | EVEN
    • SU: Bummer vs. Britton | CWS+
    • SU: Crochet vs. Green | EVEN
    • SU: Heuer vs. Ottavino | EVEN
    • MR: Marshall vs. Cessa | CWS+
    • MR: Foster vs. Loaisiga | CWS+
    • MR: Fry vs. Nelson| CWS+
    • LR: Lopez vs. AbreuCWS+

    I agree with most of this. But Anderson is significantly better than Torres. I would put that one as CWS++

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