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  1. whitesoxbrad

    Trade Deadline Thread

    If having one the best organizations in baseball is weird then I would take it.
  2. whitesoxbrad

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Thanks again for always adding such interesting info to this boring process.
  3. whitesoxbrad

    GT 7/16: HOU @ SOX, 7:10

    Can someone tell me why this team hits so many ground balls?
  4. whitesoxbrad

    Joc Pederson to Braves

    Thank you for your honesty
  5. whitesoxbrad

    Joc Pederson to Braves

    Hey Friday have you heard anything on that White Sox trade you mentioned a few weeks ago?
  6. whitesoxbrad

    All-Star Game Festivities , HR Derby and Game

    Sure he will
  7. whitesoxbrad

    Trade Deadline Thread

  8. whitesoxbrad

    GT 7/6: SOX @ MIN, 7:10

    Can you please explain what this statement is infering
  9. whitesoxbrad

    GT 7/3 White Sox @ Detroit Keuchel v. Skubal 3:10 PM CT

    Hey Mr. Blackout aren't you the one that something big might happen soon, have you heard anything more Lately.
  10. whitesoxbrad

    6/23 Games

    You are correct in everything you just said and the reason hahn is still waiting is because hahn IS NOT a baseball man.
  11. whitesoxbrad

    Sox @ Astros, 6/18 7:10 Central

    I guess you were wrong
  12. whitesoxbrad

    Sox @ Astros, 6/18 7:10 Central

    With the present team the White Sox have they are not the best team in baseball no chance
  13. whitesoxbrad

    6/17 Sox @ Astros, 7:10 CT

    The best and completely accurate statement i have seen on this site, it looked like men against boys and it looked like the Sox were using wiffle bats while the Astros were using aluminum bats.
  14. whitesoxbrad

    6/11 Games

    And which older prospects are playing insane considering they won't bring 1 to the major league team
  15. whitesoxbrad

    Dickman: That's Danny Mendick

    How about the guy at 3rd also, oh yea and the guys playing the corner outfield positions also.