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    Predict the OD Lineup

    1. Anderson 2. Moncada 3. Abreu 4. Encarnacion 5. Jimenez 6. Grandal 7. Robert 8. Mazara 9. Garcia
  2. Ditka19861

    Now that I've had a chance to think about things...

    True, but if you look at the splits, he's pretty consistent either way... I wouldn't complain if he was on the south side next year 2015 Home - 20 Away - 22 2016 Home - 25 Away - 16 2017 Home - 19 Away - 18 2018 Home - 23 Away -15
  3. Ditka19861

    Now that I've had a chance to think about things...

    I think the Sox go after Arenado hard next year, which may be better for the rebuild... 3B hits .290+, 35HR+, 110RBI+, not all the "baggage" Abreu 1st Moncada/Madrigal 2nd Anderson SS Arenado 3rd Not a bad infield... OF - Jimenez, Robert, Basabe, Gonzalez, Rutherford, Adolfo Lots of youth in the outfield, but tons of potential...
  4. Ditka19861

    Taking my son to his first game

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right forum, mods please feel free to move this, but I was looking at taking my 5 year old son to his first game this Sunday and didn't know if any of you had experience with the pre-game autograph sessions? It says the first 100 kids at 11:15 can get in line for autographs, but I didn't know how early you'd have to be there if you wanted to be able to get in. Thanks in advance and sorry again if this in the wrong forum!
  5. Ditka19861

    8/10 Games

    Collins with 2 HRs