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  1. SoCalChiSox

    Bowden mentions Sox potential interest in Frazier

  2. SoCalChiSox

    Lance Lynn locked up 2 years 38 mill + club option

    At a minimum they should keep his innings next year below the level that would trigger the 4th year.
  3. SoCalChiSox

    6/29 Games

    Tell me when he's ready to hit left handed.
  4. SoCalChiSox

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    Joc OPS vs RHP is now .865 I think. Just sayin
  5. Escobar is markedly better against LHP than RHP this season. I'm struggling to understand why we can't just get someone who can actually rake against RHP...considering that you know, that's actually our big weakness.
  6. SoCalChiSox

    Rick Hahn will speak to media today around 4-5 pm

    So what did RH say?
  7. SoCalChiSox

    Rick Hahn will speak to media today around 4-5 pm

    But do they usually announce it like this?
  8. SoCalChiSox

    5/23 White Sox vs Yankees

    Trade for Joc...he is starting to heat up now. Wouldn't cost much.
  9. SoCalChiSox

    5/23 White Sox vs Yankees

    We need good LH bats more than anything. Relievers have alot of volatility. I'd like to buy low on Gavin Lux but I doubt the Dodgers are that stupid.
  10. SoCalChiSox

    5/23 White Sox vs Yankees

    I'm pretty sure JR isnt gonna be on board with 13m a year for 4 years for middle inning relief. And he isnt gonna want to hear about sunk costs either.
  11. SoCalChiSox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    This. He is making it worse and worse every time he tries to dig in. On the other hand, I'm sure the FO would like to see him continue to dig his own grave. If it really turns into a big deal, there is an open fissure with the lockerroom and the team goes into a tailspin on the field, its possible RH and KW could then force JRs hand.
  12. SoCalChiSox

    5/15: Kansas City @ Chicago White Sox 6:10 CDT

    Collins against LHP?
  13. Gallo doesn't fit because of the reverse splits issue.
  14. Gallo is doing better against LHP than RHP despite being a lefty, so no thanks