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  1. SoCalChiSox

    5/15: Kansas City @ Chicago White Sox 6:10 CDT

    Collins against LHP?
  2. Gallo doesn't fit because of the reverse splits issue.
  3. Gallo is doing better against LHP than RHP despite being a lefty, so no thanks
  4. This sounds more like he is setting up to blame TLR (which is fine) than expressing a realistic and honest viewpoint as to how the FO sees the team.
  5. This was the ONLY team I had which actually gave me something to look forward to. Every other team i support had no realistic chance to consistently win for the next few years. It was only the Sox. Now I have nothing. The Penguins might have one more deep playoff run left in them given their current record but the core is aging and it's pretty much done. The Broncos have no QB and even a Rodgers trade is just 2 good year run where you sacrifice alot of picks and the long term which I don't want to do. The Hurricanes will not be going to the CFP anytime soon with Clemson in the ACC. There's nothing to look forward to.
  6. Maybe I'm not understanding something. NotCishek also referenced the long term issue with speed and then said this would be a good reason for surgery. So the long term risk is eliminated if there is a surgery? Ptatc?
  7. There's basically no reason for me to watch games or emotionally invest at all. I mean it's one thing to say 2021 is gone. It's another to say "oh and BTW we can't guarantee he will be the same even though you waited 4 months for him to return" So why am I watching then? Why did we put up with the rebuild for? Where's the payoff? What am I supposed looking forward to? I can take the loss of the season. I can't take the long term issue.
  8. Thanks, JR. I hope you are happy.
  9. That's so stupid. Just let it go. Bring up Rutherford and Gonzalez. Yes they will br massively overmatched and no I don't care. Do not sacrifice anymore assets. It's over. Accept it and move on to 22.
  10. What about long term issues?
  11. Why would he? Don't compound the issue by sacrificing more pieces for nothing. The only move to make is deal Lynn and Rodon.
  12. Is there any long term issue with the grade 3 or should he be 100 percent after?
  13. Agreed that they should cash in. They aren't winning anything with Robert out several months. Even in this AL Central. Get a good almost MLB ready LHH masher OF if possible for next year if you can.