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    ELOY back Monday against KC

    Jimenez played left field for Charlotte yesterday. I don't understand that. The rehab goal for Jimenez Isn't for him to be re-injured before returning to the Sox. He should be DH'ing only. In fact, when it's Eloy's turn to bat, he should be carried to home plate. The batboy should bring his bat. If Jimenez makes an out, he should be carried back to the dugout. If he gets a hit, he can jog to first base and have a pinch runner to replace him. He'd be done for the day. If Eloy hits a home run, he can walk around the bases. That way he'd be much less likely to trip over a base. Eloy Jimenez is a fragile asset. He should be treated like. Faberge egg.
  2. Jerry McNertney

    7/17- Astros at White Sox, 6:15

    Lucas needs to be the "good" Giolito for the Sox to have a chance of winning tonight.
  3. Jerry McNertney

    GT 7/16: HOU @ SOX, 7:10

    Hoping the Sox don't get swept again by the Astros. The Astros are the best team in the American League this year by a fairly wide margin.
  4. Jerry McNertney

    Vaughn v. Sheets v. Burger v. Mercedes

    I disagree somewhat with what appears to be a consensus here. I think Burger is the best natural hitter of the four. Vaughn will be a solid MLB player, but he's not there yet. Mercedes was fun in April, but there probably was a reason he didn't make the majors until he was 28. I've never thought highly of Sheets, and despite some early offensive success with the Sox, I still don't. I could be wrong, but I don't think Sheets will ever be a quality MLB player.
  5. Jerry McNertney

    Micker Adolfo

    After getting three hits yesterday, Adolfo is hitting all of .241 @ Birmingham.
  6. Jerry McNertney

    6/20 | Sox @ Astros | 1:10PM CT

    Right now, Houston is the best team in MLB. They're better than the Giants and the Dodgers.
  7. Jerry McNertney

    FS: 2021 Draft Prospect Profiles

    I don't think it's criticism, but just being realistic. I think the Sox will miss Madrigal a lot. Without their stellar starting pitching, the current makeup of the Sox would be pretty mediocre. The defense and bullpen have been spotty. I'm concerned that Lynn and Rodon will come back to earth. Besides, Rodon has a history of being fragile. I hope the Sox sweep the next three games against the Astros, but I think it is unlikely.
  8. Jerry McNertney

    Sox @ Astros, 6/18 7:10 Central

    It looks like the Sox left their smoke and mirrors back in Chicago. Before yesterday's game I said I'd be satisfied with the Sox winning one of this four game series. Winning one would still be okay, getting swept wouldn't. A split of the series would be great, but it's unlikely. With all of the Sox injuries, the Astro's are currently fielding a more talented team.
  9. Jerry McNertney

    6/17 Sox @ Astros, 7:10 CT

    The Houston series should be a big challenge for the Sox. The Astros on the field are currently more talented than the Sox. I'll be satisfied if the Sox can win one of the four games. If the Sox can somehow manage a split, it would be great.
  10. Jerry McNertney

    6/16 Rays @ Sox, 1:10 CT

    Imagine if the Sox had the Cubs bullpen. Wow.
  11. Jerry McNertney

    5/25 Cardinals vs. White Sox

    I'm not a gambler, so I don't understand the White Sox being -145 against an 8-0 Flaherty.
  12. Jerry McNertney

    Arlington Heights White Sox?

    Charlotte is more likely than Arlington Heights.