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  1. Who cares if cases have gone up? Almost 70% of seniors 65 and older have been vaccinated in IL. Almost 60% of COVID deaths have come from 65+ and they represent about 11-12% of the entire population. Who cares if a bunch of 20 years olds are getting it? It isn't a big deal for kids that age. We are turning this virus into "just the flu" and doing it swiftly with the vaccinations. Just gotta keep getting as many shots in arms as possible
  2. wsd

    Sox hire Ethan Katz per WSD

    Honestly wouldn't care if he didn't like me. Plenty of people on the internet who don't and I'm an idiot who gives people reason to feel that way by my rhetoric online sometimes. I def think it's unfair unless you've met me in person, but it is what it is. That said the whole tired act of "barstool is racist and sexist" is so goddamn stupid. Ask the many people of color or our CEO, CMO and CFO if they think barstool is racist or sexist. Then on the flip side, google some of the horror stories of shit that has gone on ESPN. Nobody says a peep about them being racist or homophobic It just annoys me to no end. Fuck off
  3. wsd

    Sox hire Ethan Katz per WSD

    This made me laugh when I saw it last night. What didn't make me laugh was reading that south side sox article earlier in the thread. Whoever wrote that has no idea wtf he's talking about and is a total dickhead
  4. wsd

    Your 2020 Season Expectations

    I expect them to go to the playoffs. The few players I spoke with in the last few weeks expect it so the fans should too. Anything else is a failure to them
  5. This is how I see it breaking down next year. My guess is Mookie gets 10 years at $350-370MM. Takes him through his age 39 season Padres maybe (probably not) Angels out Cubs maybeeeee (probably out) Red Sox, Yankees out Dodgers in (Friedman has done a masterful job managing their payroll) Rangers out Phillies out Astros out Braves maybe? Nats out Twins out Mets (should be, but out) Giants maybe? A's, Rays no Dbacks no Those are all of the 1.) big market teams and 2.) competitive teams seemingly in a spot to make a push for major signing in 2020-21 offseason. There are only a handful of teams that make sense in terms of window and money who will be all over Betts IMO. So... ... The White Sox *should* be ALL OVER him. He's a perfect fit for their roster in every single way. We've all seen that movie before though, so I'm not gonna hold my breath. I think they prioritize extending Moncada before signing Betts as well.
  6. wsd

    How good do YOU think we can be next season?

    Kopech will come back guns blazing and be the best pitcher on the staff IMO
  7. I legit have been in a bad mood ALL DAY because of it. If he's getting 500 PAs next year I'll vomit
  8. I fucking HATE that deal. Hate hate hate it
  9. Na it's all good, I wasn't mad in my response if I came off that way. And every time I come over here I forget Bilek is rabbit in these parts
  10. and PS - idk why people freak out over idiots like this Steve Cishek account. Just wait until one of the big dogs drop it. I'd think if something more were to happen that it'd be around 10-11 pm central time tonight once the booze has been flowing
  11. Idk how I was called out? I should have never said anything like that, I replied directly to someone I'm friendly with on twitter who's probably the most rational Red Sox fan I've ever spoken with and he really knows his shit. I truly didn't think anyone would see that since he has no following and I replied directly to him , which was dumb of me in retrospect.
  12. wsd

    Sox in on Marcell Ozuna? I mean, maybe. Or not.

    Only reason I ventured over here is because someone DM'd me the post I quoted. I can handle criticism from internet strangers, I deal with it regularly. And if I'm wrong on Ozuna, that's fine. I almost hope I am, he can swing the stick. If I'm wrong and the Sox improve, more than okay with me. Just wish he didn't suck defensively (I don't care what his metrics say, he's awful)
  13. wsd

    Sox in on Marcell Ozuna? I mean, maybe. Or not.

    Which is hilarious considering like 90%+ of the people at barstool are very liberal And no, I'm not gonna post anything on a free forum. Sorry. Just let the offseason play out, it's looking like it's going to move much faster this winter, which is good for the sanity of all of us
  14. wsd

    Sox in on Marcell Ozuna? I mean, maybe. Or not.

    I love getting these type of posts sent to me.... Holy hell. Relax man, the internet is a big place, there's a reason I don't sit on jezebel all day. People can pick and choose the content they consume. Whether you like me/barstool or not, it's wildly successful so calling it a "joke" is incorrect. I wouldn't say I know "nothing" either, I'd say I know much more than the typical fan. With Wheeler/Grandal the organization played everything as close to the vest as possible, as they should. They're operating in stealth mode. There are a few names I know they've been working on that people have no idea on. Not gonna say who, I'll let you all speculate amongst yourselves. As for Ozuna, like Heyman said, I was told there isn't an agreement in place. Take that as you will. I don't think I'm wrong, but never say never. Wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong, if I am.