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  1. chitown87

    White Sox sweep the Tigers

    Biggest thing for me to feel comfortable in our bullpen again is getting Bummer back on track.
  2. You really are a dense b****. I am fully vaccinated, by the way. And reiterating what the CDC says about vaccinated people not needing to wear masks INDOORS, let alone outside, is hardly comparable to whatever dumbshit comparison you are making to the 5G morons. In short - fuck you ADMIN NOTE: Poster was suspended for this post. Be smart and don't join him.
  3. fuck off, moron. Science is telling us that wearing masks outside when vaccinated, especially around other vaccinated people, is completely pointless. The CDC agrees. ADMIN NOTE: Poster was suspended for this post. Be smart and don't join him.
  4. The CDC does agree, though, given their update yesterday. This will be my last post on it, since I know this a game thread and not a covid thread.
  5. Is this supposed to be some kind of witty retort? I don't need to be a doctor to understand that vaccinated people wearing a mask while outside with other vaccinated people is about as dumb as it gets. Maybe you should do some research on the matter and you could be a doctor too!
  6. It. Doesn't. Fucking. Matter. He is vaccinated, outside, and around other vaccinated people. The masks are theatrical bullshit at that point anyway
  7. They're all vaccinated. Can we all stop giving a fuck about how they wear their masks, please?
  8. chitown87

    Tigers @ Sox 4/29 Game 2

    Two of the worst at bats you're going to see. goodness.
  9. chitown87

    Tigers @ Sox 4/29 Game 2

    1-2-3 inning after the Sox put up 4 immediately prior is *exactly* what the Dr. ordered.
  10. chitown87

    Tigers @ Sox 4/29 Game 2

    Eat shit, Cabrera
  11. Looks like it was April 8 and they got the J&J shot which takes something like 30-45 days to reach full efficacy
  12. Just to add on to what bmags said, the mRNA vaccines are something like 90% effective at preventing infections, and even better at preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and deaths. So yes, they do (not 100% but close) prevent people from getting infected in the first place.
  13. chitown87

    The Kopech is back thread

    He definitely was hitting 100 or close to it at the start of Spring. edit - quoted the wrong person @Chick Mercedes
  14. chitown87

    Texas @ Sox

    Same. Would have liked to see a replay.
  15. chitown87

    CLE @ SOX, 7:10 PM Central

    Maybe a couple of you guys could chill on the Madrigal argument and enjoy the moment, eh?