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  1. 2nd catcher will probably get that one DS day game
  2. mqr

    Adam Frazier to Padres

    What does trading for a guy for going to pay 500,000 have anything to do with ownership
  3. mqr

    The Cleveland Guardians

    Oh....I see now...
  4. mqr

    The Cleveland Guardians

    Jeez man I love Cleveland. I just don’t like the name
  5. mqr

    The Cleveland Guardians

    The winged G logo is really neat though
  6. mqr

    The Cleveland Guardians

    I don’t think it was cheap or lazy I just think they tried way to hard to not rock the boat by going with a similar sounding name and not changing the look
  7. mqr

    The Cleveland Guardians

    Sounds AA as all hell
  8. The only person who knows why he did this right now is Yermin Mercedes. The finger pointing and narrative chasing is infuriating.
  9. Tony acted like an asshole in the press conference. Were probably not having this conversation if Tony didn’t give Mercedes every chance to be good I believe both of this things to be true.
  10. We are all acknowledging that we're not sure exactly what he means. There are a thousand things he could have said in english that we'd be doing the same thing.
  11. Looks like he removed everything Sox related. Maybe he's about to get traded, or maybe the reports of his attitude are correct. Perhaps both. But apparently there are people on the internets saying retiro translates to something closer to "vacation" than "quit"
  12. mqr

    More Moncada hot takez

    I'll offer a Moncada hot take, screw it. He strikes me as a really odd guy. Like he's so outwardly flashly but seems inwardly super reserved. What does this have to do with his ability? Nothing, he just strikes me as weird.
  13. mqr


    Sox-Brewers would be such an awesome world series. Fuck