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  1. He_Gawn

    6/17 Sox @ Astros, 7:10 CT

    I have to say, Gordon Beckham really sucks at announcing.
  2. He_Gawn

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    Are you fucking drunk?
  3. “How am I going to explain this to my kids?” WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS??
  4. He_Gawn

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    I’m as pissed and negative as anyone right now.. but let’s get a W boys. They don’t quit!
  5. He_Gawn

    Pitchers for game 3

    Start crochet and make it a BP game. Easy
  6. He_Gawn

    Dodgers @ Sox 2PM CT ⁦NBCSChicago

    My goodness I’m so excited with the direction of this organization. Also, hello everyone 😅
  7. He_Gawn

    GT Chicago vs Chicago, 6/19/19, 7:05 CT

    Game is far from over. Thinking an 8-7 type of final score.
  8. He_Gawn

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    Guessing the Sox broadcasters are on WGN. Anyway to stream that on Xbox one or YouTube tv?
  9. Is there an app streaming this game?
  10. He_Gawn

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    The post to "Chester" is in reference to him recently trying to get Chester (local lawyer) to call in on his show. Chester won't do it because we all know what happens (he'll mute and talk over you). So of course Dan had his producer call in and "act" like Chester. It was unbelievable.
  11. He_Gawn

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    These are just a few from the past month. Challenging members to call in (so he can mute them and bully, like normal). Most of his outlandish posts have been deleted by moderators. It's becoming a weekly things as his radio show has taken some hits. He continues to post his shows number, following it up with a challenge to call in.
  12. He_Gawn

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    Give me a bit until I get back to my laptop. Couple weeks ago he was calling all IU fans racist and stupid for not wanting Alford.
  13. He_Gawn

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    Dan has become hated everywhere. He pays for the Indiana rivals subscription and he's been getting drunk at night and posting. It's been unbelievable. Have no idea how ESPN didn't can him.
  14. He_Gawn

    NCAA basketball thread 2016-17

    Alford was never offered the job. Archie was the only one who had an offer to IU.
  15. He_Gawn

    2016-2017 NCAA football thread

    My god... flipped on to the start of overtime and I lost count how many times UM got f***ed over....