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  1. Soxbears2001

    Tim Anderson AL Player of the Month

    It was a nice month for Timmy and Moncada. If either is above .260 at the end of the year I will be shocked.
  2. Soxbears2001

    Stroman: I stand with Tim Anderson

    Cool, then black people are in no position to tell anyone else how to use it. It works both ways or no ways your skin color does not give you a pass. Personally I say players can call each other whatever they want. I know damn well Timmy was speaking in frustration and honestly that shit just happens.
  3. Soxbears2001

    Tim Anderson to be suspended 1 game for... language?

    Eh, it one game have the same rules for everyone no playing the he's black or white card. People are people.
  4. Soxbears2001

    White Sox v Yankees 12:05pm Rodon Day

    Wow this is like watching the Indians in Major league.. in the begining.
  5. Soxbears2001

    White Sox v Yankees 12:05pm Rodon Day

    Actually probably taking at home.
  6. Soxbears2001

    White Sox v Yankees 12:05pm Rodon Day

    WTF? Just have the computer call balls and strikes already. Not like it matters with Palka batting.
  7. No, he did not. Let's not act like 76 million dollars is a lot of money.
  8. Soxbears2001

    Let's not adopt Cub rituals, Sox fans

    Come on.. Let people have some fun at the game. They sure as hell are not having a good time watching this team.
  9. Soxbears2001

    04/09/2019 Sox vs Rays

    And people in that thread ripped me for saying between 9-21 and 12-18
  10. Soxbears2001


    Um, not that like betting against the sox but what does that return look like?
  11. By the end of last year the people complaining about Moncada were 100% correct. He was a waste of a roster space last season.
  12. Soxbears2001

    Whats the plan, man?

    In reality there is no plan that is going to work. Most the guys we would want are getting locked up, even Bogaerts is getting an extension already. Not siging Machado or Harper was completely insane for a team in the Sox position. We will not see 26 year olds of that caliber hit the market again during this rebuild. Good new for me is I always pick one of the worst teams in my MLB the Show franchises and the Sox will be in the fray for years to come.
  13. Soxbears2001

    3/28 GT - Sox @ Royals (3:15pm CST)

    Eloy on track for 162 rbis!
  14. Soxbears2001

    3/28 GT - Sox @ Royals (3:15pm CST)

    It's not possible for us to play the worst team in baseball.