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  1. Exactly giving away outs when you're down a run is stupid.
  2. That's what this team is. I wish it wasn't, I hope to eat crow though.
  3. That's the key . 2 runs, doesn't matter because they will not score another run. It was over when the royals took the lead.
  4. I'm honestly not surprised. The sox don't get clutch hits when they're trailing. Mental midgets. If it's Patting stats with a huge lead sure.
  5. This is all on the offense. So far 3 runs in almost 2 games against the royals. Ugly!
  6. They have inflated numbers because they're blow outs.
  7. I should learn not to get to high with this team . When I do this crap happens.
  8. No chance. Wash rinse repeat with that old geezer.
  9. This is codi heuer fault. He is to inconsistent and terrible coming back out for another inning. That's probably game now because this offense is completely dog shit the last 2 days .
  10. This is getting pathetic offensively !
  11. Any time you want to do something offense.
  12. The royals have a awesome pitching staff all of a sudden!