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  1. DoUEvenShift

    Sox @ Royals 7/28, 7:10

    "they" is TLR. Pretty standard move but just saying this for the haters.
  2. DoUEvenShift

    Lambert pulled after 2

    Lambert and Burger for Story?
  3. DoUEvenShift

    Lambert pulled after 2

    Not being called up. Potentially being traded hence the early pull
  4. DoUEvenShift

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    All jokes above aside Vaughn doesn't make that play. Eloy had a great break and was much faster than AV would have been.
  5. Yermin playing 4D Chess to stay on the White Sox
  6. DoUEvenShift

    7/21 Gamethread: Cease vs. Pineda, 7:10 PM

    Anyone have vids of the idiots running on the field? Hoping it will lessen my depression after the loss
  7. More from the Big Bad Wolf
  8. For the record I fucking LOVE Yermin. I was calling for him to be on the roster last year in lieu of Encarnacion after watching him in spring training. I bought a custom Mercedes jersey this April. My posts are just saying that this isn't a TLR issue. I hope he gets it figured out and has a few more years in the bigs.
  9. Posting without extra comment.
  10. The fact you had to add "crusty old ass" tells me everything I need to know to about you to not respond. Totally unwarranted and irrelevant attack. Is the AAA manager at fault for the last month plus?
  11. Anyone blaming TLR is a fucking moron. That is me trying to be nice.
  12. DoUEvenShift

    7/21 Gamethread: Cease vs. Pineda, 7:10 PM

    RIP Yermin :(((((
  13. DoUEvenShift

    ESPN article on Tony LaRussa and the Sox

    Hit job trying to stir drama where there is none. Using old quotes when there are newer ones that are far more relevant. ESPN just mad that their beloved Yankees are trash.
  14. Welcome! I'll still rock my jersey - gotta get my moneys worth lol