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  1. If Yermin retired rather than be traded then he rocks
  2. I mean Vaughn, Crochet, Burger and Madrigal only have like 100 games played a piece. Of course they don't have double digit career WAR yet
  3. Time to thank Hahn and Hostetler. The hype was real.
  4. Nokona

    Engel back, Eaton DFA

    Thanks for nothing
  5. Nokona

    7/5 White Sox @ Twins 6:00 CT

    Well he can walk on it kind of...
  6. Nokona

    "sticky substances"

    Because balls in play could be heavily pine tarred, wiped discreetly and then used by the pitcher.
  7. Nokona

    "sticky substances"

    It's not insane at all. What is insane is Girardi being a prick.
  8. Nokona

    2021 MLB Catch-all Thread

    Give me a freaking break. You cheated and are a millionaire off of it. Grow up.
  9. That was stupid but it worked
  10. Need another run here, these guys can tie it with one swing
  11. That wasnt cordial between TA and Manoah to me...