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  1. GatorSox

    White Sox vs Athletics: Reylo against Bassitt

    Nice AB from Collins there. Goes down 0-2 and patiently works a walk.
  2. GatorSox

    Keuchel spends $25K for organization-wide dinner

    That's awesome. I've always heard great things about Dallas. My wife and I spent 7 years in Tulsa (where Dallas is from) and people there speak very highly of him. He should be a great teammate in the clubhouse.
  3. GatorSox

    Padres @ Sox | 2:05PM CT | Whitesox.com

    Eloy doubles to deep right-center
  4. GatorSox

    Padres @ Sox | 2:05PM CT | Whitesox.com

    Announcer - "Anderson putting on a clinic over at short" Keuchel definitely keeping him busy and he is looking sharp defensively.
  5. GatorSox

    Mariners @ Sox | 2:05 PM CT | Whitesox.com

    4 to 1 after a 2-run shot for the M's
  6. GatorSox

    USA Today projections

    Just came across this and thought I'd share. This is based on projections from a panel of 6 'experts'. They have the Sox finishing 3rd in the Central and 11 games back of the Twins. Looks like we would miss the Wild Card by 9 games in this scenario. Thoughts?
  7. GatorSox

    ESPN Lineup Ranking

    Hey guys. New to the board. Hopefully I didn't miss this already being posted, but ESPN just released their lineup rankings going into 2020. The White Sox are ranked #13. Seems much lower than I would expect. There are also several that seem very over-ranked at the top. What are your thoughts? Link: Way Too Early 2020 MLB Starting LIneup Rankings - ESPN Comments about the White Sox: 13. Chicago White Sox (86.1) 1. Yoan Moncada (B) 2. Luis Robert (R) 3. Jose Abreu (R) 4. Edwin Encarnacion (R) 5. Eloy Jimenez (R) 6. Yasmani Grandal (B) 7. Nomar Mazara (L) 8. Tim Anderson (R) 9. Nick Madrigal (R) Contact: 16 | Patience: 26 | Power: 9 | Speed: 7 | Balance: 1 Core hitters: 3 | Lineup holes: 0 Last season, gaping lineup and roster holes wiped out any hopes Chicago had of rising to at least mediocrity. In terms of everyday players, those holes have been filled by the White Sox's frenzied offseason. This projection is exciting on the face of it -- a powerful, athletic group with the kind of balance that should allow Rick Renteria to run out the same group just about every day, with Mazara's weakness against lefties being the exception. Encarnacion's age is a concern. So is the number of free swingers. But Chicago also has the dynamic group of Robert, Moncada, Jimenez and Madrigal, all of whom have better days ahead and a hopefully steep growth curve.