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  1. KipWellsFan

    A little Love for Ryan Burr!

    It is a little odd how little work Foster is getting. But his ERA is under 2 since the beginning of May.
  2. KipWellsFan

    Eduardo Escobar Rumor Thread

    I don't mind Escobar as depth, or a platoon bat while we deal with so many injuries, but I'm not actually convinced he is much of an upgrade over Mendick. I think he has 5 seasons with a sub .300 OBP, and he is working on a sixth. His big power seasons almost seem like an outlier. Not sure about his defence.
  3. KipWellsFan

    Blue Jays @ Sox, 6/10 7:10 cst

    Living in Canada these games are blacked out on MLB TV. A real Bummer.
  4. Can we just not with the TLR reference in the subject... does everything positive/negative about this guy gotta be the focus of Soxtalk? I realize this was probably done with tongue in cheek. But c'mon! Bad mojo for the game thread!
  5. KipWellsFan

    Vaughn to IL, Sheets up

    Because it may be COVID related does this mean it may only be a couple days/games?
  6. Been great to see him step up as Robert went down and Yermin hit a rough patch. He's been putting the team on his back. However, I think his BABIP is the highest in all of baseball so it wouldn't be surprising to see him cool off a little. Hopefully others step up when/if that happens.
  7. KipWellsFan

    Jose Abreu - BAD in high leverage situations

    Delete your account.
  8. KipWellsFan

    GT 5/31 GM 1: SOX @ INDIANS

    Hasn't Fangraphs or someone done a definitive lineup analysis or something so we can put these endless debates mostly to rest? And I mean analysis of lineup construction in general. Not of the White Sox specifically.
  9. KipWellsFan

    Sox City Connect Jerseys

    Goosebumps when the music kicks in and Yoan comes in.
  10. KipWellsFan

    Jace Fry starting AAA assignment

    Seems unlikely that Foster is going anywhere. In his last 7.1 IP he has only allowed 2ER. In the same period his ERA has declined from 12.79 to 6.59. And he was obviously quite reliable last year. Does a rehab assignment automatically mean someone is getting called up?
  11. KipWellsFan

    5/26 Cardinals vs. White Sox

    Interesting that Collins gets the day game after catching the night before.
  12. KipWellsFan


    The last time this board was moping about Nick Madrigal and speculating that Danny Mendick should replace him, Madrigal got hot and raised his BA about 100 points. Let's hope that happens again. The team has a lot invested in Madrigal. Unless he goes on a major cold streak I imagine they will be sticking with him. Nothing suggests Mendick has a higher ceiling than Nicky.
  13. This didn't age well.
  14. KipWellsFan

    Steve Stone / Yoan Moncada's "Lack of Effort and Interest"

    Me when Moncada slid into first base tonight: I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.