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  1. Marqhead

    Albert Pujols

    3200 hits and 650+ HRs? He's a first ballot hall of famer. No question.
  2. Marqhead

    The TLR Manager Thread

    You know what all those people have in common? None of them are currently managing a major league team. The manager of a Major League Baseball team better damn well know the rules and how to best apply his personnel based on them.
  3. Marqhead

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    Given that it's a 162 game season and they are bound to play a handful of extra innings game and already have, you think someone on that bench would know the nuances of the fucking rule, no matter how stupid it is. What a joke.
  4. Marqhead

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    He's clearly in over his head a needs to go. No excuse for not knowing the rules and not putting his team in a position to win. What a frustrating loss.
  5. Marqhead

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    And if they had scratched across 1 run in the previous 9 innings it would have been a moot point. TLR sucks, but so did the offense.
  6. Marqhead

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    I hate La Russa as much as the next guy, and he should obviously know the rules, but the offense needs more than 0 runs in 10 innings. That's why we lost.
  7. Marqhead

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    Mr. Keuchel now has a sub-4 ERA.
  8. Marqhead

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Question, I assume the answer is no. Fields was there at 11, was there a scenario where he was still there at 20? Or was it almost a guarantee that someone trades up and takes him or the Pats take him at 15?
  9. Marqhead

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Classic Pace overpay. I hate this organization.
  10. Marqhead

    Tigers @ Sox

  11. Marqhead

    Texas @ Sox

    1st batter walk -1000
  12. Marqhead

    Texas @ Sox

    Yo needs a better fitting hat
  13. Marqhead

    Texas @ Sox

    Don’t worry, In a couple years shifts won’t be allowed.
  14. Marqhead

    Texas @ Sox

    I like that everyone blames TLR. Really think that was his call?
  15. Marqhead

    Texas @ Sox

    Love ya Yermin, but knock it off